A membership for high achievers - like you!
If you''re a motivated student who intends to earn some serious college credit this year, then SmartClub is for you.

Get 12 Online Courses Now.
When you purchase SmartClub, you get access to 12 online courses immediately and for an entire year. That''s 36 college credits for one flat, low rate. You will also need the matching textbooks, which aren''t included in the price.

Earn 36 College Credits for $499
If you''re serious about earning your degree, this is the option for you. We created this membership in response to requests from high achievers who wanted to study hard and earn a degree this year.

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And what do the lawyers say about this? We''re so glad you asked:
  • SmartClub does not include textbooks. You still need ''em. We offer great prices on ''em. But you can get ''em elsewhere

  • SmartClub is an annual membership. You''ll make a one-time payment of $499 for access to 12 courses. 365 days after purchase, you must either renew your membership or lose access to your courses.

  • SmartClub is for online courses only. If you need a CD-Rom or workbook, call us. We might be able to work something out.

  • The iStudySmart.com guarantee doesn''t apply to textbooks or SmartClub memberships.