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Our courses deliver all the information contained in a one or two semester-long college course, minus the stiff professor, white boards and early morning wake-up.

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    You'll receive our Distance Learning Guide chock full of helpful hints about the program. Did we mention this is free?

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    Pick from among 60 courses in nursing, business and more - available online, in print, and in CD-Rom formats. You'll find a list of the courses in the catalogs offered to the left.

  3. Buy A Textbook
    Every course requires the use of a textbook. Buy it from us, and we'll save you a fistful of dollars! Or buy it somewhere else, we donšt mind.

  4. Complete The Assignments
    Settle down with a cup of coffee and your textbook and we'll show you the way. If you follow our lead and complete the study assignments, readings, and sample exams, we're sure youšll earn a passing score.

  5. Earn College Credit
    Wešll help you find your local testing center. Then once youšve passed the test, more than 2900 colleges nationwide will be happy to award three to six credit hours for your passing score.