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April 17, 2011

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DSST Preactice tests
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Our study courses give you all the advantages of studying at home PLUS the option to pass CLEP, DSST and ECE exams to complete college credit from home.

Option 1 - The SmartSolution -

Allows you to access online courses for up to two years at one low fee. If you need to extend you access, call us and we can extend your SmartSolution. When your SmartSolution expires, access to courses will end.

Option 2 - Purchase courses one at a time.

If you choose to purchase courses individually, you may choose from 3 formats: workbook, online or CD-ROM (good for slow internet connections.) The course is yours to keep as long as you want. You will need to purchase a textbook to accompany the course.

How do our courses work?

Each course provides assignment questions that guide you through the material you need to know to pass the appropriate exam. Also included is a practice exam with hundreds of questions. The practice exam is self-scoring so you can see what you've learned. You will also have access to a "Pace Yourself" guide that lets you know how many questions to answer each day if you want to pass the test in 30, 60 or 90 days. (You are not obligated to pass the test by any specific date. You work at your own pace. However, the information is there if you're interested.)

Each course requires a textbook, which is not included. We sell new textbooks at the lowest price possible or you may search for and purchase used textbooks. You will need to match ISBN numbers to be certain that you have the correct textbook version.

After completing the assignment questions and working through the practice exams, you will schedule and take the exam at a local testing center.

Testing Center Information

Over 3800 colleges and universities allow students to earn credit by examination (CLEP or DSST). Some schools accept one, others accept both.

To find a local testing center, go to:
CLEP - DSST (used by DANTES)

To find a partial listing of schools that accept credit by examination, go to:

Please note: Even though these are the official websites for the tests involved, there are many colleges that grant credit for the tests that are not listed. Checking with your school of choice is the best option.

To get information about credit policies: go to the website of your college of choice and do one of the following:
  • Use the website search to locate CLEP and DSST.
  • Search the school site map for their testing center (sometimes called Assessment Center).
  • Find the school catalog on line and search for CLEP and DSST.
  • Speak with an admissions counselor.
Caution: Not all schools accept all tests. It is always best to check with your school of choice about their credit acceptance policies. Keep in mind that students with passing scores on college-level tests may be given preference in acceptance for admissions because they will have demonstrated a level of ability that is non-subjective and recognized by admissions counselors.