101 Textbook Options

Your textbook options for 101 are listed below. Keep in mind, these are for demonstration purposes ONLY. When you purchase an actual course, you will not be given PDF or Internet options. This page will consist of the name of the textbook linked to where you can purchase the textbook on our site along with the edition, author, and ISBN number.
  • PDF Version (Download Here)
    After downloading this version, be sure to save it to computer. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you are able to view or print this version of the textbook for the purpose of answering the assignment and exam questions.

  • Internet Version (Open Here)
    This demo textbook is completely online. You can open this version in a separate browser window than your course and toggle back and forth using the 'Window' menu from your browser. There will also be links in the assignment questions to pages in this Internet version. As you go through the questions, you can click on the link provided in the 'Find Your Answer' section to find your answers with ease.