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February 18, 2003
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femmenurse posted on 2/16/2001 6:09:30 PMReply
getting started.

has anyone gotten started yet...or will i be the first?

Ruby posted on 2/17/2001 6:52:15 PMReply
RE: getting started.

I just got started with Ethics. Or at least I just ordered it. How about you....

matthewg posted on 2/17/2001 9:00:00 PMReply
RE: getting started.

Just ordered Health Restoration I. Anyone else taking it?

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 2/28/2001 9:50:40 PMReply
RE: getting started.

Hello, I just completed my evaluation and am trying to purchase 3 classes since there is a 25% off, however, I can't seem to get past one. I have not received an answer yet. Have you a clue as to what I am doing wrong? I need Diff's 1,2,&3. Thanks for any advise..Becky

LadonnaW posted on 3/19/2001 3:14:12 PMReply
RE: getting started.

hello i am a previous nursing student. i missed the third semester by 2/10th of a point and was out of there program. so now i am looking into this. Is there anyone in Oklahoma that has taken these courses then took there board exam?

taddt posted on 4/8/2001 3:30:25 PMReply
RE: getting started.

What is it like. IS it worth my time.

SAPIKA posted on 4/21/2001 1:51:48 PMReply
RE: getting started.

I am a ADN Registered Nurse and worked in Oklahome for years. I worked with many diploma nurses who were getting their BSN through the old "Regents" program, which i see that istudysmart.com use to be. They all thought that program was great. All of them already had their RN license so they did not have to retest to become BSN nurses so I don't know how they would have done. I would suggest you have istudysmart.com put you in contact with someone who has taken their courses and then went on to take the RN exam. If I can help, please email me at sapika@excite.com. Best of luck in nursing!

mommers57 posted on 6/21/2001 4:37:57 AMReply
RE: getting started.

Hi Ruby, How is your ethics course going? Did you finish and test yet? I'm thinking of buying that one. Let me know. THanks, mommers57

whyfret posted on 6/28/2001 5:37:28 PMReply
RE: getting started.

I have taken several courses thru regents and one CLEP. Ab. Psych, Ed. Psch, Health Rest. I and Natural Science. The regents tests are very diffcult. I passed all but Health Rest. I the first time. I passed Health Rest. I on the 2nd try. If you ask regents to send you a graph of how you scored (a low B or a high B) they will, but they can't tell you where your strenghts or weaknesses are.
I started the distance learning thru The College Network. They portrayed themselves as if they 'WERE REGENTS COLLEGE!!!" and it took me a little while to figure it out. They also misled me in the purchasing of their study guides.
My experience thus far has been an enlightening one. Not sure whether that's good or bad. I am getting frustrated with the whole mess.
I think I am going to pursue a Baschelors Degree in a different area than nursing because when Moore's mailed me information about the exams taken at the college, basically you have to prove that you know how to nurse and I am already liscensed and have proven that already. I guess I got offended that I would have to prove my skills when I have been employed since 1987 doing the very things they want me to prove.
Oh, well. I'll quit whining now. Anything you want to know I can probably answer because I have seen and heard it all.

Negar khoshkharam posted on 1/27/2002 8:55:29 AMReply
RE: getting started.

samueltmitchell posted on 10/26/2002 12:07:48 AMReply
RE: getting started.

i also am a nurse and considering using moore pub. . Is ti worth my time or is it a rabbit chace? any suggestions would be welcomed.
thanks thomas @thomaslvsvalerie1@juno.com

mpendwa7 posted on 12/25/2002 9:07:37 AMReply
RE: getting started.

I'm getting started on taking courses non-traditionally. I have enough lower level credits. How can you tell if the courses/tests offered on this site are lower or upper level credits? Does anybody know?

Emily Mayo posted on 12/26/2002 1:01:43 PMReply
RE: getting started.

Most of the courses offered are lower-level courses(all CLEP are lower level), but there are some that are considered upper-level. You can call a consultant at istudysmart at 800-737-2222, or look on the Dantes website (www.getcollegecredit.com) and the Excelsior website (www.excelsior.edu).

cdimitris posted on 2/4/2003 9:51:49 AMReply
RE: getting started.

What do you mean by lower level...i am lost...Very New to this studying strategy...am a student thru Ashworth College,but wants my degree a heck of alot sooner...is this the way to go???? BTW...i am criminal justice major....i am specializing in crime scene investigation...am an Autopsy Technician now,but wants to further my studies in Forensics!!! Can anyone help me????? and YES it doesn't bother me...most ppl ask that one!!!
please reply soon with anything,anyone!!!
~Chrysi / cmd015@yahoo.com

Emily Mayo posted on 2/5/2003 9:42:47 AMReply
RE: getting started.

Lower-level courses are considered freshman and sophomore college courses. Upper-level courses are junior, senior level and traditionally require pre-req courses before taking them. For example, at traditional colleges you would not be allowed to take a course like 'Survey of the Exceptional Child' without previously taking some other courses in education. This is not the case with distance learning. P.S. I'm very envious of your career in forensics. All I seem to want to read is true crime and Patricia Cornwell! Good luck to ya!

cdimitris posted on 2/8/2003 4:41:49 PMReply
RE: getting started.

Thanx for the answer to my question...it was too simple that i thought it was probably complex... LOL!!!! as for my career...just got accepted to a prestigious Forensic program at Kaplan college!!! I am going to clep a few extra courses so as to further my medical side,but as for the Criminolgy part...it's off to the school-via the net!!! I am glad it intrigues an interest...should try looking up the opportunities...there are PLENTY in this field!!! too many-ppl don't even know how easy it is to get involved!!! but oh well....such is life!!! Thanx again for the compliment and the answer to the stupid question!!!