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February 4, 2003
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mkrane07628 posted on 2/18/2002 10:31:16 PMReply
For Bobbiekar

How do you like Thomas Edison. I can't decide between TESC and Excelsior. What made you pick TESCU?
I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts

marks2480 posted on 2/19/2002 1:40:28 PMReply
RE: For Bobbiekar

I am finishing my Engineering degree and looked at both Excelsior and Thomson. The biggest thing that swayed me was Thomson's Portfolio Credits and the fact that they transfered 72 of my former credits where Excelsior would only transfer 56.

mkrane07628 posted on 2/19/2002 2:00:32 PMReply
RE: For Bobbiekar

Hi, How did you go about having your credits evaluated by Thomas Edison?

marks2480 posted on 2/23/2002 6:52:59 PMReply
RE: For Bobbiekar

Well ... unfortunatly they dont evalute them until you enroll. However, I think that they have another option where they will evaluate them before you enroll but they charge you $200 to $300. Excellsior only charged $40

danigirlfor00 posted on 4/27/2002 3:33:04 PMReply
RE: For Bobbiekar

Where are you finishing your engineering degree at?