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April 18, 2002
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Cupcake posted on 8/10/01 12:11:20 AMReply

Hi All. I'm aparamedic interested in the Nursing Program. What do they do about clinical time?

shadowrose40 posted on 8/13/01 5:47:34 PMReply
RE: Clinicals


Clinicals are completed in a weekend. The cost is a little over 1000.00- or was a couple of years ago.

Good luck

nikbar posted on 8/22/01 9:07:24 PMReply
RE: Clinicals

Depending on where you live, you may have to travel for the clinical. I know in the Southeast they are done @ souther regional medical center in Atlanta, or just south of Atlanta.
The school also provides a workshop for the clinical. (at a price of course)
Good luck.

Jennifer Palacios posted on 9/20/01 8:28:08 AMReply
RE: Clinicals

Can you tell me how many different clinicals are involved in the program? I am trying to get an idea of total cost of the program.

nikbar posted on 9/21/01 9:48:15 PMReply
RE: Clinicals

A friend that just got finished, tells me that the clinical is one weekend--you get so many patients and certain critical elements-- the cost is 1300.00. She also went to a 400.00 workshop that she said was well worth it.

Jennifer Palacios posted on 9/24/01 8:02:06 AMReply
RE: Clinicals

Thanks Nikki,

Can you give me the name of the workshop your friend attended for the CPNE? Also, have you hear of Professional Development Systems and Dr. Charles Frye? He has a web-site offering all EC classes plus a clinical workshop. He was with Regents for a number of years. Let me know if you have any info. Thanks! Jennifer

nikbar posted on 9/25/01 3:57:02 PMReply
RE: Clinicals

The workshop that she did was in Atlanta. It is the one that is in the FEE SCHEDULE. that you get with the enrollment package. I think it is on the left hand side of the first page. cost 430-450.00 I think.

stshine01@msn.com posted on 1/20/02 9:17:00 PMReply
RE: Clinicals

I don't know if you've gotten your answer about Charles Frye yet but here it is. He's an RN and has a couple review books out on Springhouse Publishing which are EXCELLENT. I am not aware that he has a website. He is at the School of Health Sciences in Long Beach, CA and is Director of Professional Development Systems. He has one review book for LPN and another for RN. I found the LPN review shortly before I took my boards and way too long after I'd wasted lots and lots of $ on other people's review books. If you can find "Frye's 2500 Nursing Bullets NCLEX-RN", buy it! Everything I needed for LPN boards was there and it's a teeny, tiny book. I passed the boards in 45 minutes. I'm using the RN version right now. These books are so good, every nursing program should include them in the curriculum. They are simple to use. You can work with them for 15 minutes here and there. If you can master the information in these 2500 "bullets", you can pass nursing boards. Good luck