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June 1, 2002
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Nursing << Topics
MGR posted on 4/25/2002 6:43:36 PMReply
11 year Veteran

I've been an LPN for 11 years and I am currently the nursing supervisor and infection control nurse at the ECF that I work in. I never thought of going "back to school" for my RN until I discovered this program. I'm working on Nursing Concepts 1 and I can't believe the number of questions that need to be answered. Has anyone taken and passed the test without answering all 641 questions? What did you study? Hope to hear from someone soon.

Neki Jo posted on 4/25/2002 8:07:12 PMReply
RE: 11 year Veteran


I have completed the Nursing Concepts One workbook questions. I went through the textbook, and highlighted the answers. I decided not to write them down because it is time consuming. I'll just use my outlined/highlighted textbook to study from. I obtained a content study guide from Excelsior College. According to the guide, the workbook questions seem to cover necessary topics to pass the exam. I finised the questions in about two weeks. I feel pretty confident that I will be ready to test in first week of May. I am a Certified Surgical Technologist. I have five years operating room experience. I will complete my core classes in summer session, at a local junior college. I need only to take the seven Nursing courses to graduate. If you would like to converse any further on this, let me know. I hope this helps some. Neki Jo

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 4/26/2002 10:59:41 PMReply
RE: 11 year Veteran

I haven't taken the exam yet, but will post results when completed. I am on N. Concepts One also. Hope to finish soon, and will try to remember all I can from the exam for all those interested. Becky p.s. Yes, I am answering all the assignment questions. It can only help, but is time consuming.