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June 1, 2002
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wmgordy posted on 3/24/2002 12:33:12 PMReply

A representative came to our school to talk about the program. She said we did not have to have math? Doesn't Excelsior require math to be an RN? wmgordy@yahoo.com

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/30/2002 9:19:47 PMReply
RE: math??

You definately need the math. There is algrebra and math for meds. You need it for correct dosages. Math for meds is important. Becky p.s. there are conversions you have to know. If they say you don't need it something is wrong. You can buy a book on math for meds at any college or order it online.

cristijewell posted on 4/1/2002 8:33:09 AMReply
RE: math??

I think what they were trying to say was that they don't require any Math for credits toward graduation, and no they don't... but yes you had beter understand some Math!