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June 11, 2002
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ajohnson0528 posted on 3/12/2002 6:39:56 AMReply
I did it!

I joined Moore and istudysmart yesterday. I am studying Micro now and I will have my book in a few days. Any body else studing Micro that would like a study partner please let me know
Legacy_19@hotmail.com. Best of luck.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/12/2002 8:55:45 PMReply
RE: I did it!

Hi Amy, Becky here. Glad you got started. Study hard. You can do it. I am in N. Concept One now. Keep in touch.

denise marlin posted on 3/12/2002 10:42:27 PMReply
RE: I did it!

I am new to all of this as well as was wondering, how soon after u get your material do u take the exam that youre gonna get credit for? One month?two? or is it up to you? Thanks in advance. Good luck in Nursing Conce. I,