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June 11, 2002
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Momma posted on 7/25/2001 11:09:23 PMReply
Should I do This?

Hi all! I have bben taking general ed. classed w/ my local community college for what seems like forever! IM now interested in CLEPing Anatomy and Physiology. What is the suggestion of you people out there who have taken and CLEPed out of this class. Are these online classes w/ ismart.com similar to the online classes colleges are now offering?
Thanx for any help:)

andy posted on 7/27/2001 8:28:20 AMReply
RE: Should I do This?

I don't know about online classes that colleges offer, but I think some of them require you to be online at certain times. (some may not.) With this set up time is less of an issue. You study when you can, and you take the test when you're ready. You don't spend all you time looking for answers either. You are given the page number the answer is on. Also, they have a practice exam that you can take as often as you want. It will tell you what you missed and what the correct answer was so you can remember or brush up on that area. It's very thorough. I haven't taken an exam yet, but I feel this is preparing me.

Jennifer Palacios posted on 9/20/2001 10:30:10 AMReply
RE: Should I do This?


Just read your message. I am new to istudysmart but am not new to CLEP courses. I have taken 36 hours through CLEP and I can honestly say that it spoils you. Sitting in class is such a drag, especially when I know that I will have to go home and study the same material for hours plus do all of the "busy" assignments they require. I have 15 hours of A&P; from a local college because the lab portion was required but it is not required through EC. If I were you, I would seriously consider taking the CLEP and using the study guides. You can also get great A&P; CD-Roms such as BodyWorks from SoftKey. This CD is interactive and will help you hear how medical terms are pronounced. Hope this is helpful!

SonyaBergstrom posted on 2/7/2002 5:46:06 AMReply
RE: Should I do This?

If you are going to test to get credit for A&P;, you need to have a very good background in it. I took the test for A&P; just recently and it was extremely hard. If you want to clep or use the tests, I would suggest starting off with something a little easier.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/6/2002 8:44:55 PMReply
Anyone from Michigan/N.Indiana?

Hi is there anyone on from Michigan or northern Indiana that would like to study together? Becky

shartf1106 posted on 3/7/2002 2:45:27 AMReply
Getting Started LPN-ADN

I am a LPN from New Orleans.I would like some suggestions on getting started and how to make myself motivated.Do anyone have any books or study guides they would like to sell?Please email me shartf1106@aol.com.


Baracuda posted on 3/7/2002 9:43:22 AMReply
Future Nurse

hi :) everyone,,,
Is this for real? I also tried the regents and was not happy at all. I finally got out of the contract. I am a little apprehensive about doing this Study-Smart. I am currently enrolled at a local community college doing the core_requisites for the ADN program. I work in the ER at the local hospital as an ER tech. The waiting list for the program is sooo long, and I AINT gettin any younger. LOL... Please let me know how well this study smart works....
Future Nurse
ER girl

qusiequsie posted on 3/7/2002 2:17:13 PMReply
RE: Future Nurse

regents has no contract. what did you have trouble getting out of? independent study is definitely not for everyone, but for some it is a god-send. I went the traditional route for a year and feel blessed to have this opportunity to dictate my own classes, study hours, study materials, study setting, and etc. do you have any questions about excelsior/regents that perhaps weren't answered adequately? Did you ever take a test through them? I can be contacted about excelsior at QusieQusie@aol.com. Please mention SOMETHING about being a nursing student in the memo section or I will delete it by error! Thanks.

qusiequsie posted on 3/7/2002 2:21:37 PMReply
RE: Getting Started LPN-ADN

the very first thing you need to do is determine that you are going to do this, no matter what. Believe me, it can be done without outside company study materials if you are smart and motivated. I regularly search the internet for help on subjects I am not sure of. I visit awesome websites of other excelsior college students who share and assist with studying. One of these is CHIPKALEE.COM. These outside companies are companions, assists to studying on your own, especially helpful if you have difficulty with any of the significant concepts introduced in a course at excelsior. Most importantly, network, network, network with other students doing the same thing. There are hundreds of us online searching for the same information, and sharing makes it so much easier and cheaper to pass the courses. Good luck! QusieQusie@aol.com

larry76107 posted on 3/8/2002 1:51:49 AMReply
Sample Exams

I'm doing the Anatomy and Physiology course. Seem to be doing well, but when doing the sample exam (just picking out questions from the chapter I've studied) I find several questions graded wrong.
I know that I put the right answers in, but when re-taking the exam I come up with different evals.
I've compared questions to the book, so, again I know I have the right answers, but the sample exam says otherwise.
Anyone else encounter this problem?

Larry 76107

WINTN10 posted on 3/8/2002 6:36:08 AMReply
RE: Future Nurse


I know QusieQusie also stated that you could contact her ref to Regents College exams. I also am a good contact. I have taken numerous exams through them. I am working on Nursing Concepts 2 now and then 4 more to go and I'll hopefully pass the clinical. Feel free to contact me for any questions. nursenanw@aol.com. Also, put info ref to nursing in subject section or I will delete it.

Nancy Winters

gdstout@utinet.net posted on 3/9/2002 2:49:32 PMReply

I would like to buy some used books in the nursing program,

gdstout@utinet.net posted on 3/9/2002 2:54:57 PMReply

I would like to buy some used books in the nursing program,
Life span development, the 7th edition
Microbiology, the 7th edition and
any of the nursing books for the nursing program for the paramedic's

For sale: I have a Sociology the 5th edition for sale with no marks in it or writting, still brand new, for 45.00 dollars, call Debra @ 910-464-3894

blackiesmom posted on 3/11/2002 12:38:31 PMReply
Health Rest 1/2

Has anyone taken these after using the istudy courses?

ajohnson0528 posted on 3/12/2002 6:39:56 AMReply
I did it!

I joined Moore and istudysmart yesterday. I am studying Micro now and I will have my book in a few days. Any body else studing Micro that would like a study partner please let me know
Legacy_19@hotmail.com. Best of luck.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/12/2002 8:55:45 PMReply
RE: I did it!

Hi Amy, Becky here. Glad you got started. Study hard. You can do it. I am in N. Concept One now. Keep in touch.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/12/2002 8:59:16 PMReply
RE: Sample Exams

Larry, Call or email I study Smart. Explain what is going on. Let me know what you find out OK. I'm sure they can fix the problem. Becky

denise marlin posted on 3/12/2002 10:42:27 PMReply
RE: I did it!

I am new to all of this as well as was wondering, how soon after u get your material do u take the exam that youre gonna get credit for? One month?two? or is it up to you? Thanks in advance. Good luck in Nursing Conce. I,

shartf1106 posted on 3/12/2002 11:41:50 PMReply
Anyone from Louisiana?

Was wondering if anyone was from Louisiana?
I am a LPN and would like some suggestions on getting started and how to make myself motivated.
Does any one know where I can buy used study guides?I would love to hear from you!


tanner posted on 3/14/2002 1:04:46 PMReply
RE: Future Nurse

I am really confused about this whole thing.
I just sat down with a gentlemen or was for the college network. He offered the same thing.Is this program from that network?

kmaytubby38701 posted on 3/14/2002 5:33:32 PMReply
Lifespan and development

Hello all,
I would like to purchase a used lifespan and development book, 8th edition by Santrock. If anyone has one please contact me. Thanks
Kelly nmfirefighter@hotmail.com

qusiequsie posted on 3/16/2002 5:44:40 AMReply
RE: Future Nurse

go to the regent/excelsior college website to learn about these programs. Once you are very familiar with what you need to pass excelsior college's tests, then you can make informed decisions regarding any of the outside companies offers of assistance. THE TESTING AND DEGREE are only offered through excelsior. The other companies offer "help" through independent study that has perhaps more directed information. Most people do not go with these expensive outside companies. We just study very hard and take tests. The whole point of an independent program online is to work through the studying part independently. If you are capable of doing this alone, don't spend the extra thousands of dollars to do one of these programs. Try a couple tests on your own and if you can't make it that way, look for the outside help that they offer through istudysmart, rue, chancellor's, and a variety of others.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/17/2002 1:41:06 PMReply
RE: Health Rest 1/2

Are these classes for the MSN? Becky

carlos4224 posted on 3/17/2002 2:46:26 PMReply
RE: Health Rest 1/2

Which program or you in the ADN or BSN. Health Restoratioin is a BSN level course I took in tradional college. I just purchased one course with I study smart and what I rememember from previously taking Concepts 2 exam, is if you answer the assignment questions they are very very very similar to what you will be tested on.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 3/19/2002 9:58:07 PMReply
RE: Health Rest 1/2

I am in the ADN program, I will continue with the BSN after I take the CPNE and state Board. I thought the H. Rest. classes were the BSN, so good luck and happy studying. Thanks for the info. Was wondering if I should take a shortcut, but I guess I had better get back to the assignment. Only a few hundred to go.. Ha. Oh well. Becky

bowieebling posted on 3/20/2002 4:31:21 PMReply
RE: Health Rest 1/2

becky...what prerequistes did u have to get into the ADN??? Were u a LPN, rrt, paramedic? I'm a RRT and thinking about doing the ADN. How is the program going??? Is it really difficult since u have to do everything on your own????

amoskowi posted on 4/7/2002 1:27:59 PMReply
RE: Future Nurse

I am very leary about the study smart. Is this part of Regents? is it accredited by Regents? Please help....thanks

Emily Mayo posted on 4/8/2002 11:44:13 AMReply
RE: Future Nurse

Hi, just wanted to let you know istudysmart is NOT a part of Excelsior(Regents)College. We produce study materials for their exams as well as CLEP and Dantes exams. We are the only company that allows you to buy courses without a contract. You may have enough knowledge and great test taking skills where you don't need to buy study materials, but if you have trouble knowing what to study from the Excelsior outline we can help. Our toll-free number is 800-737-2222. Let us know if you have questions. There is no pressure to buy anything.

bowieebling posted on 4/12/2002 8:59:52 AMReply
RE: Future Nurse

ya know what's scarry???? yesterday there was some messages on here from someone dogging this study program...in fact, there were a few messages from the same person(in different subjects), and today they're gone. it's a little scarry to think someone is filtering out what is being reported on here. positive or negative feedback should remain, it makes me think they're trying to cover things up, I've been wondering why there hasn't been any messages posted in the nursing 3,4,or 5 catagories...do they not make it that far? do they decide they can take the test w/out using istudysmart.com????

SWIL39 posted on 5/6/2002 1:17:53 PMReply
RE: Lifespan and development


bandrews posted on 6/1/2002 12:11:15 PMReply
RE: Anyone from Michigan/N.Indiana?

rebecca: What part of N. Indiana are you in? I'm in the upper half. Studing Life-Span Development now. Bev