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August 10, 2002
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lauren21 posted on 3/2/2002 6:17:31 PMReply
Excelsior college vs. I study Smart

hello, my name is Lauren and i am very confused about wheather i should do the LPN-ADN program through Excesior College or through this publishing company( I study Smart). Which is cheaper?? It seems that Excelsior college has a
$800 enrollment fee and that seems ridiculous. and if you can tell me anything about the study guides that would be great. Are they free or do they cost money.
i am just confused on what path i should take! Any info please write back!!!

ajohnson0528 posted on 3/3/2002 8:20:45 AMReply
RE: Excelsior college vs. I study Smart

This is the way I understand, but I may be wrong. istudysmart.com uses a publishing co. - Moore Publishing (I think that they are the only ones but there may be other publishing co. that use this website). Anyway with istudysmart you can get up to 12 classes a year with access to three at a time for $499 with the smart club, they are a lot more expensive if you but them seperatly. The $499 buys your classes and your study guides but you have to spend some more money on the textbooks that go alond with the class. After you know your material you go take your test and that is more $ (around $100-$300). Once your ready to enroll to Excelsior College (which is before you can take the Nursing Concepts 3 test) and there is a $800 enrollment fee to the college. There are other expenses later like clinical fees, gradution fees, and student services fees (both istudysmart and Excelsior have these fees and they are both the same amounts). Now, Excelsior gives you your study guides free and all you have to pay for are all the fees including the testing fees. Excelsior doesn't send you books, they don't even offer you books. They tell you if you want books to buy them from some place like half.com or barnes&noble.com.; So Excelsior is less expensive but it also take about 6 months before you can start their programs where with istudysmart gets you started in less than a week, and even sooner if you use their online version (which is also cheaper than the offline version). I guess it's just a matter of how much time you can wait to get started and if you want to study with a book or not. Good Luck! Amy

WINTN10 posted on 3/3/2002 12:15:28 PMReply
RE: Excelsior college vs. I study Smart

Excelsior College is actually the only college where you will get your degree from. These other "assistance" programs, e.g.iStudySmart.com, are just programs which help you prepare for the examinations offered through Excelsior College. Excelsior College does have a book store in which you can purchase books from them, and they also offer a free study guide which will outline what you need to know for each exam. However, they do not have a program where they guide you through it all. That is where iStudySmart comes in (or Chancellors, or Moore Publishing - and a few others). They give you guidance and a step by step way of studying. Of course, there is a few for this "help". I have found that iStudySmart.com is the least expensive of all of them. I am using the for the first time for Nursing Concepts 2. I am scheduled to take the exam in April. So, I'll let you know if it worked. I took Nursing Concepts 1 without any assistance. I got a C. I was very uncomfortable when I walked out though. I was certain that I had failed. It was very difficult. I am trying this method to see if it works. So far, I think it was a good decision. Try it for one exam. If you do not like it - then only use the study guides for the next. Either way, you will end up having to pay Excelsior for the exams. Feel free to write. nursenanw@aol.com. Just mention istudysmart in the RE or I will auto delete it. Nancy.

frewlkr posted on 6/10/2002 8:57:17 AMReply
RE: Excelsior college vs. I study Smart

have you taken nursing concepts two yet?

pyroknight posted on 6/23/2002 8:20:47 PMReply
RE: Excelsior college vs. I study Smart

I have used Moore Educational Publishers (they changed their website to iStudySmart.com, would've been nice if they'd left a link from the old one!) from day one. I've taken A&P;, psych, and Nursing Concepts 1&2. Three A's and a B so far. I completed NC 2 in six weeks which may be why I didn't get an A. I completed the psych class in four weeks. Excelsior will tell you that you don't need Moore, but you have to remember that they make money off selling you books. When I signed my contract with Moore, I got a free CPNE practice at their facility in Nashville, TN which I hope will decrease my anxiety before I head to the real test.