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June 1, 2002
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gcarlson7855 posted on 2/21/2002 7:31:55 PMReply
New today! Need study partner(s). LPN--ADN

Hey there! I just signed on w/Moore today. I've been looking into this for...oh, I don't know. I lost count; 5-6 yrs. maybe. Anyway, I'm off to a racing start, since I'm recuperating from surgery myself. So I began w/Sociology and Ethics. I'm hoping to be able to test out by late March, and then go for 2 more classes. But by then I should be back to work again, so my whirlwind may quiet down to an easy stir! Anyway, I'm a married mom from north central Indiana. I've been an LPN for 11 yrs. And I've been working part time mostly in physicians offices: family practice and internal medicine. I'm interviewing now for other options, however, I would'nt mind staying where I am now. I love my job and the people with which I work. That's sooo difficult to find. But I'm blessed! I hope to finish this course in about a year. So if you're motivated, and want a study partner, contact me please. I'll look forward to hearing from you. God bless! ~Geri

cadkins3335 posted on 2/23/2002 12:22:56 AMReply
RE: New today! Need study partner(s). LPN--ADN

hi, i would be glad to be a study partner-support person as i am doing the same course myself. i decided to get some thing in my life in order so i could continue education. i am 25 and have been an lpn for 4 years. feel free to email.


good luck!!

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 2/23/2002 2:28:28 PMReply
RE: New today! Need study partner(s). LPN--ADN

Hi Geri and welcome to the club...I am taking N. Concepts 1. Let me know when you are taking it. Becky

lamercer@hotmail.com posted on 2/25/2002 9:52:56 AMReply
RE: New today! Need study partner(s). LPN--ADN

Hi my name is Lorie I too am a mom have 4 ages 17 to 18 months very busy work 30 hours week husband is laid off after 16 years at the same job. so with the extra helparound the house thought now would be a great time to really work on this. I have taken 1 test at sylvan Life spans currently have the maretial for anatomy and Physiology and my goodness it is so hard I have worked for weeks on just the first 2 chapters. would love to hear how you like this program and if you feel prepaired when you have studied through these guys. Do you take your classes on line?
would love to have a study partner please let me know how you are doing with your studies.
email me if you think we could work together.
lamercer@hotmail.com thanks so muck god bless.

gcarlson7855 posted on 2/27/2002 11:48:53 PMReply
RE: New today! Need study partner(s). LPN--ADN

Hi Lorie! Wow, you are busy! Well, I'd love to chat more with you. Please contact me: geri_sings@yahoo.com (and anyone else who reads this and is interested in study partner). I'm going through Moore, and I just started. In fact, I just received my books yesterday (Sociology and Ethics). Btw, where are you from? I hope to hear from you again soon. Thanks to all who have responded!

God Bless!