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February 4, 2003
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ajohnson0528 posted on 2/19/2002 2:28:13 PMReply
Is this for real?

I am looking into earning my nursing degree through Moore and istudysmart.com. I want a flexible program so that I can go at my own pace and on my own time. It seems that these types of programs offer that but are they for real. I live in Kentucky and I am a little scared to spend all this money on this program and in the end not have job. Does anyone know anyone that has gotten their nursing degree through a publishing company? And if so, are they successful? Are the test that hard if you really study for them? Would I be crazy to get involved with this? Please help and give me your honest answers?

mdavid71253 posted on 2/20/2002 11:05:51 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I know many people that have taken the course and are very successful. I also hear that this program well prepares you for the test.

good luck,

michael david

gmoore3652 posted on 2/21/2002 7:39:17 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I just started this program recently. With A&P; being my first course. I am also in Ky. So if I can help you email me at gmoore84@hotmail.com.

tiaana posted on 2/21/2002 11:44:28 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I just signed up today for the A$P course. I did not order the books as I will order them from somewhere else. Do they send you study guides or anything like that?

Also, are there study groups where people can chat about what they have learned

lamercer@hotmail.com posted on 2/26/2002 9:01:25 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi my name is Lorie I am looking into this myself and too am alittle nervous have a friend who got her RN through excelsiors college and is working now. have to go away for clinicals but other than that just studied took the test and that was that. I want to know about the on line part for she didn't do that but I think it would be helpful but sounds like your paying twice for the course and then the book and then to test so you understand it any better? please help. it is for real excepted that is from employers. good luck.lamercer@hotmail.com

wolfbait posted on 3/5/2002 4:49:40 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

i have looked into several places to get my adn and in my missouri nursinf news letter i found a olace and it even finances you the olny bad thing is the clinical is not in my state oh well.the # if you are interested is 1-888-955-3275 good luck

Barbara Fiebiger posted on 3/8/2002 10:51:42 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

It sure is!!!!!!!! And I did it 14 years ago when I had people teasing me that I was a mail order nurse. I was a single parent with 2 kids at the time and was so glad that I was turned onto it back then. I was already an LPN so I had had "formal" clinical schooling but was able to take all core and nursing subjects by studying at my kitchen table and taking what I refer to as the "final exam". I had to take the clinical "final exam" in Wisconsin and Atlanta,GA (yes, I flunked the first time--for stupid but valid reasons) but Excelior College might have more site choices now. I took boards as soon as I could after graduating and have been an AD RN now for 12 years (maybe 13). Compare the cost of going to a traditional school vs. this, and this wins, hands down. Just think, sit at your kitchen table in your favorite night shirt, sip on "fancy coffee" and learn away. Then, as an RN, chose amongst the endless different areas of care....."just do it".

Barbara Fiebiger posted on 3/8/2002 10:54:57 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I did study and did not fail any of the core coarses or nursing coarses. Also, passed boards the first time.

dmillerrn posted on 3/9/2002 1:31:55 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Yes I know 2people who have gotten their RN through this program and I work with them. I am now getting my BSN threw this program along with another person. There is also 5 LPN's where I work taking the RN program at this time and our employer is paying for it.
I hope this answers your question.

stacylaqueen posted on 3/13/2002 12:14:48 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi, I am a paramedic and want to get my RN. Where do I go to find out what courses I have to take and are required of me or do I just take the nursing coursed and that is it? Thank you for your reply ahead of time.

qusiequsie posted on 3/16/2002 5:50:09 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi, I am an EMT, STNA doing the same thing that you are. I have been studying with Excelsior for a year now and am about 2/3 of the way through. You must begin by learning about excelsior on your own, with out the initial aids of these outside companies so you can make informed decision...It is much cheaper not to hire one of these outside companies to guide you through your independent study. If you have difficulty with any of the tests, you get to repeat them a number of times, that would be a good time to search for online or extra help. There is a huge network of individuals out here helping each other study and find sites to help with this program. I recommend you visit www.chipkalee.com (she has something called my cyber studio) on this site you will find just about everything you need to learn about the programs at excelsior and links to learn even more. Good luck. Contact me with any further questions. QusieQusie@aol.com

jgibbs1234 posted on 3/17/2002 9:23:58 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi My name is John and I have all the same questions you have. Is this for real. Am I going to get burned and who entered the program and is succesful. I have so many questions but not enough answers to go through with this. I live in the state of Wisconsin and they have very rigorous laws when it comes to licensing it seems thats how they make all there extra money. Anyway if you could share your story with me I would appreciate it so much. Email is realestateway@cs.com

cbrown1023 posted on 3/24/2002 6:52:47 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I'm already an LPN and obtaining my ADN once seemed out of reach, since I am a single parent of four. I've had several of my co-workers tell me that this is to good to be true and they would not rtecommend it, but I can't stop work to attend school full-time. I plan on starting my courses next month, so maybe another new-comer can reply to my message and we keep in touch.

bowieebling posted on 3/24/2002 11:23:14 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I'm a newcommer....I'm a RRT, and it does sound too good to b true, but I'm gonna try it. I signed up the other day 4 "lifespan developmental psych". I'm anxious to get started, I'm still waiting 4 the textbook in the mail. I'll have 2 take Ethics, Micro, and the 7 nursing classes along with this psych course. What about u? Which classes do u need? sheila

LOldham posted on 4/12/2002 1:20:52 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi Barbara Fiebiger! I would like your email address to talk with you about the program! Write Back! lisaoldham@mindspring.com

athomemom56 posted on 4/12/2002 2:23:41 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi, This is so interesting to me. Can you give me more insight as to how an EMT or paramedic can become an RN without any formal nursing (LPN) training. I realy would like to know. I am considering becoming an RN (I'm an LPN), and what you are doing sounds good! Hoe to hear from you soon.

sgrantevans posted on 4/12/2002 11:36:29 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

hi my name is shirley i am an lpn and i know someone who got their study program from moore and passed the clinicals and went on to take the boards and got their rn license. i attempted to study with college network, but found it difficult to study their book, just not sure why, wasnt visual enough i think. i am considering moore and i especially like the online thing. tonight is my first time hearing about istudy smart, so i am investigating it. i dont want take longer than 12 to 15 mos to do this and i have 4 children at home. dont have the time or the money so this is probably the best for me to begin with, so yes, i do know some one who did it.

Anitra posted on 4/18/2002 11:34:14 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I was wanting to know have you received your book yet and what chapter are you on. I got my book last week ( tues or weds) and im on chapter 3. Im having to read alot because you just can't answer the questions without having some knowledge of the material. It is really deep a far as the information. It is like 839 questions before you finish the book.
Please reply. Anitra.
email address ajames73@yahoo.com

dhenrie99205 posted on 4/22/2002 9:47:14 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I have started the online courses with sociology. I paid for the course and got the book. It's very in depth. The difference is you don't get a work book, your questions are online, so I write down the questions, (there are over 200 of them) in a notebook and the answers so I can take it anywhere and study. It's really cheaper online, just alittle more work on paper. I am happy with that. I plan on taking a nursing concepts test without studying to get a feel for it. I've been an L.P.N. for 27 years. If I can't pass a basic test I'm in real trouble. But I can't the info on testing sites in my area. Anyone else having that problem? deb

fred3128 posted on 6/20/2002 7:16:51 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?


pyroknight posted on 6/23/2002 8:34:19 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

EMTs and paramedics do a large number of clinical hours just to obtain their certifications then spend hours performing clinical skills in the performance of their duties. Moore (iStudySmart.com), and I'm sure others, offer practice sessions for the CPNE. If you have more specific questions, email me at pyroknight@firehousemail.com.

Patchouli posted on 6/27/2002 11:59:02 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

CBrown, my nursing instructors in LPN school earned their RN degrees through Excelsior College. One of the assistant DON's at the nursing home where I work got her degree through Excelsior College.
I told my mother about getting my RN certification this way and she is skeptical. I know she means well but she is an armchair critic, as it sounds like your co-workers are.
The school is, after all, NLN accredited. Several of the credits I need I have already earned through the local university. Last year I started studying for A&P;, I bought the study guide from Moore Publishing (against the advice of the advisors of Excelsior College, they told me they did not recommend any materials from a publishing company and I can get study guides from them free, which I have done, but I don't want to leave any room for error, so I did buy the study guide for A&P; from Moore.)
Anyway, I have found that it is very difficult to teach myself A&P.; With three children and a legally blind husband to care for,consistently setting aside time to study has been difficult if not impossible. I made it through chapter 12 and it fizzled from there. Now almost a year later I only vaguely remember the twelve chapters I did make it through. I am still clinging to those books and the study guide! I even carry them with me often, though I never seem to find the time to study.
I tell you, it is easier to attend classes, for me, so I am taking all I can through a local university. I tried to sign up for A&P; but they tell me general biology is a prerequisite. Great. Now I will be held back even longer. Still, I have registered to take gen. biology this fall.
I would love nothing more than to be able to make it through this A&P; myself but it looks like this will not be an option for me.
if anyone else has done this and can offer advice I would greatly apprciate it. artraveller@yahoo.com

pdennisonbradley29206 posted on 7/2/2002 5:58:15 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

hello, I recently just started the iStudySmart ADN. Am pleased to read so much positive feedback as well as down to earth apprehensions and concerns.I can see that I am not alone. Hoping to hear from anyone who is also just starting nursing concepts 1.

Natasha33 posted on 9/4/2002 8:41:02 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Could you please email me. and help me how you study all the courses and pass the board. I just start the nursing concept 1 I need help for study and getting good grades and pass the board also.
I live in los angeles area. I really need your help email me soon today

lily5065 posted on 10/29/2002 6:36:40 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hi...like you I have been a LPN for 22 years, and started with Soc. Did you take the on-line course?
Are you finished with it and how did you do...you can e-mail me lily5065@frontiernet.net

cindy estock posted on 11/4/2002 8:40:16 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hello My name is Cindy, I have recently started the moore program also, after reading your letter, I was hoping you or some of your friends would talk to me concerning taking exams, studying, and the clinical part... I have so many questions, very nervous, would love to hear it first hand from someone who has been through it, plus I find it so hard to study, so tired after getting home from work, attention span is short.. have been an LPN for 21 years... thank you for listening... butterfly_kisses38655@yahoo.com..

carenurse posted on 11/15/2002 7:58:14 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Excelsior College has some requirements before you can get started on the Nursing program. check their website at: http://www.excelsior.edu

You can not get your degree from any publishing companies. They only provide you study guides to pass Excelsior College exams. If you study and follow the free content guides you should do well on the exams.
Before you consider this route make sure you do all the research surrounding this program.
btw, are you an EMT, LPN, Paramedic, or something else?
Take care,

carenurse posted on 11/15/2002 8:07:33 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I finished my ADN program from Excelsior College. and yes, i would agree that the CPNE is no field trip. i passed labs and patient care situations the first time. I'm almost sure that everyone's worse enemy is the stress during the
2 1/2 day clinical exam, but like everyone who had taken it would say, it is a very do-able exam. If you have the determination to complete this program, you will pass and finish the whole thing!!!
good luck to u Fred.....

noel31 posted on 11/16/2002 3:01:27 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Do you think you will get enough information from the a&p; from here or should it be taken at a college.

susan Quigley posted on 11/16/2002 8:32:54 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

you aren't getting your degree through the publishing co.they are only giving you the material to help you pass the exam, then you scedule your exam and transfer the credit.either clep dantes or excellsior exams.yes i know plenty of people i work with.i am also enrolled i need 15 more credits. if i can help my email is jamsuex3@yahoo.com i also have yahoo instant messenger.

roach161 posted on 11/17/2002 10:23:53 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

hi susan. i am interested in this online program and afraid. Ihave been an LPN for 1 year. a friend introduced me to this and i'm trying to find out all i can. so i can earn my rn degree without ever stepping into a classroom? I attended Lake Superior College in Duluth MN.. According to them i have all of my pre-reqs donefor the rn program. the first semester would be only 10 credits and the 2nd 12. I have a new baby coming at the end of dec. and i was accepted into the program for jan. 2003. i want to be home with the newborn(taking 6 mo loa)thats why this profram sparked my interest.i dont know what to do. How could i find out if there is anyone in the Duluth mn/ superior wi area that has earned their degree from here that i can talk to? w/b asap...my email is roach161@yahoo.com...my name is Rachelle

PFONTAINE36 posted on 12/4/2002 5:17:48 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

HELP PLEASE. I just graduated from lpn program and now i want to persue my RN. will this college
be helpful to me to take the course at home.give me your opinion

Emily Mayo posted on 12/5/2002 8:59:54 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

You should contact Excelsior College to get information about the nursing degree program. For the ADN, you can transfer any college credits you have, and then 'test out' of any remaining courses, including the nursing component. Then you do a weekend clinical exam at the end of the program to demonstrate your basic skills. Istudysmart produces study materials for the exams that you'll take to earn credit. You can contact Excelsior at 888-647-2388 and Istudysmart at 800-737-2222 for further information. emily

gointocollege posted on 1/26/2003 4:24:00 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Barbara, I hope you still monitor this site. I am a transcriptionist now but started as an MA. I have plenty of experience as I was the only "nurse" in an internal medicine practice and really learned (weak in pediatrics obviously, but did some work there too). I am not certified because I was grandfathered in but could get a certification and from what I am reading I could begin the ADN and advance to BSN if I was certified (a technicality for me as I trained many girls coming out of college with no clinical experience! Very frustrating!). I would sure appreciate some support. I became a transcriptionist after nursing becuase I made more money and could be home with my preschooler. Now he's in school (2nd grade) and I am ready for $30 an hour! My transcription has me stuck at $20 and I can't type any faster (better than medical assisting at $12!!). I guess I just need a mentor with a positive attitude. Is that someone like you? Thanks if it is! My e-mail is camillas55@yahoo.com and anyone else who would want to guide/mentor me would be appreciated! I am particularly worried about how to get around the fees for Excelsior. My state does not accept above LVN so I may still need to attend a local college for the last year. Oh well. Thanks for any help!!!

rbass39401 posted on 1/31/2003 11:16:01 AMReply
RE: Is this for real?

I am a Paramedic Offshore and i work a 14 day on and 14 day schedule. I received some information from ismart by mail just 3 days ago, contacted them and faxed in my transcipt. As a matter of fact i just got off the phone with one of the representatives and she informed me that i only had 3 classes that i'd need to take. I'm wondering how real this is.

kimberly mcbride posted on 1/31/2003 4:39:38 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

Hey this is Kim I moniter the study forums. I am a little confused about why you were told you only have three classes to take. Have you already had the seven required nursing courses? If you haven't you will need to take those also. It may be that you only have to take three of the general education classes. If you have any questions you can email us at support@istudysmart.com.

jenniebrn posted on 2/2/2003 7:28:12 PMReply
RE: Is this for real?

hi my name is jennifer,
i am trying to decide on this excelsior program, do you know the maximum amount of ccredits rregents accepts if they are wtih ct or better?