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June 1, 2002
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Nursing << Topics
lauren21 posted on 2/4/2002 12:39:45 AMReply
Would you recommend this program??

I wanted to know before I jumped into this program if it is worthwhile. IF anyone has completed this program or almost done please let me know how it is and your opinion. With the textbooks..do they expect you to read the whole thing and then come in for an exam or do they give you outlines on just the specifics to study. If you do not understand a topic is there a teacher you can get hold of to help you out??Please give me as much info as possible about this program.

stacylaqueen posted on 3/13/2002 12:12:12 PMReply
RE: Would you recommend this program??

Hi, I am a paramedic and want to get my RN. Where do I go to find out what courses I have to take and are required of me or do I just take the nursing coursed and that is it? Thank you for your reply ahead of time.