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October 20, 2002
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mdavid71253 posted on 2/3/2002 11:20:14 PMReply
paramedics taking the regents course

hello i am a paramedic and I am just now starting the regents course and also using istudysmart. I only have to take a and p, micro and the nursing classes. I am wondering if there are any other paramedics taking the course able to give any advice on how the program has been relating to them or if anyone knows anyone who was a paramedic and took the course. Also how did they do?

cuzz posted on 2/8/2002 5:27:39 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

I have a few friends that has already got the regents rn and are praticing. I have a BS in EMS so I'm like u have to take micro and rn courses. give me a shout. dscott601@hotmail.com

skinnison79414 posted on 2/25/2002 3:08:06 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

I'm and RRT, and have just begun to take courses for ADN. I heard about regents from 4 paramedics who were all flight medics. They are all now RN's and doing great.

athomemom56 posted on 4/12/2002 2:31:28 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

Out of curiosity, how are paramedics, RT, etc. able to pass the clinicals with no formal nursing training?

kmaytubby38701 posted on 4/13/2002 5:36:30 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

Paramedics already do a bunch of the nursing skills and they are usually better at hands on than most nurses that come straight out of an accredited nursing school. Part of being a Paramedic is to adapt and overcome. Most of problems that a paramedic faces in the nursing field is to withhold treatment before getting a doctors order. Most of the orders we have are standing... we usually don't have to call for orders before we give treatment. Not to sound like a smart..., but that is why Medics don't usually have problems with the clinicals.

stcookie posted on 4/24/2002 8:19:39 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course


I have taken A & P and am planning to take Micro on 5-6-2002. A & P was straight forward and there were no suprises!

Good Luck

stcookie posted on 4/24/2002 8:27:26 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course


Basically the only diference between Paramedics and Physician Assistants is that Paramedics cannot admit patients and cannot do cut downs. You can find the list of the Paramedic scope of practice at you State's web site. Then look for the Medical Examiners Board. They usually have a link to the State Dept that LISCENSES Paramedics (yep, its not a certification anymore).

I am a Paramedic and have 12 years field experience. I now work in a ICU/CVICU cross unit. My scope of practice includes medication administration, intubation (oral and nasal), IV, cardioversion, pacing, defib, plus others. All of these procedures/meds are given based on my decision making skills, not orders from a Physician.

cuzz posted on 4/25/2002 4:31:06 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

What world are u from and can do all this.

stcookie posted on 4/29/2002 12:23:50 AMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

The skills I have listed are in the State of CA scope of practice for Paramedic Liscense. You can confirm my statements by contacting the CA EMS Authority in Sacramento, Ca. or by visiting the State web site. Its very rewarding to work in a progressive State.

cmassie posted on 5/2/2002 4:04:16 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

we also have that freedom in ohio to perform all of those tasks and then some we are allowed to perform RSI and give all different kinds of narcotics if we feel they are needed.

frewlkr posted on 6/10/2002 9:00:03 AMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

i am a medic and have been taking the nursing courses. you back ground does help. i think it makes it easier but there is a different way of thinking using the nursing process and understanding it well. if any questions let me know!

philbert posted on 6/12/2002 8:33:59 AMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

First of all, Paramedics taking nursing is more common than most realize. We have different protocols and mind set than most nurses.
Secondly, the clinical exam is intense and I would strongly recommend that you take the CPNE prep course before you take the exam. Little things like "IV's are considered a surgical aseptic procedure". (No I'm not joking!! Can you imagine doing sterile technique on a major trauma, in the rain... not happening.) There are many other hints they give you in the class. Its helps to bridge the gap if you dont have the ability to practice in the hospital setting.
And finally, to all Paramedic's that think "Oh, things will get better for the EMS industry, I don't need to get my RN." you are SADLY mistaken. Especially, us men, go get started and move up and on from EMS. The opportunities available as a RN/Paramedic are unreal. If I had known, I would have left the field YEARS ago. (20 years in EMS...yuck) So, go for it and don't let anything get in your way.

Aubrey Magras posted on 9/10/2002 8:17:30 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

I work for a fire dept in GA where I am a firefighter/paramedic. We have standing orders for over 30 meds, latest ACLS meds, oral/nasal/digital intubation, pertrach system, needle crich, and chest decompression standing order. Biphasic monitor technology, pacing/difib/cardioversion with sedation with valium or versed standing order, and all the orders can also be done with children. We can also give peds narcs via standing order. We are also working on RSI/ conscious sedation orders. Please under stand this is not to boaste, however as paramedics we are used to thinking on our feet and making many clinical decisions without ever making contact with a doctor. This is probably why we can manage handling the clinicals well. Good luck with your degree :)