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February 10, 2002

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IPRIVOTT posted on 3/26/01 7:27:50 PMReply
ECE Exams

Have anyone taken the ECE exam for any of the nursing courses? If so was the information provided online very detailed and helpful? I have ordered my material to take the Occupational Strategies exam for mid April.

JOROLEM posted on 3/27/01 5:33:56 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

Hi .. I have not taken any of the exams as of yet. I just started as well. Currently working on Anatomy & Physiology and Nursing Concepts 1. I have been following the EC Guides along with this methodolgy of study, and for the most part it has been within reason as to content.

MartinezH05 posted on 6/14/01 7:23:54 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

I still need to take this test, have taken the health restoration tests sofar, e-mail me at HMart90102@AOL.com

pattie wyant posted on 9/28/01 3:35:56 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

I just took Nur I and passed. I took it at Sylvan Learning Ctr (CA). I followed the outline exactly and did not study anything else. I found the outline to be right on! Good luck, pattie

tallman posted on 12/17/01 3:33:11 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

hi Pattie..i am just starting and did not receive a course outline..was that supposed to come with the book order? And also, I have noticed that the book for Nursing Concepts 1 is used for several of the courses? Which parts of the book are on the Nursing 1 exam? Thanks in advance for responding..Michael

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 1/15/02 3:25:52 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

Patty W. How do we order the study guides?

gummybear posted on 1/28/02 5:43:46 PMReply
RE: ECE Exams

Nursing 1, all you did was study the on line material and outline? Was there any hands on experience entailed for the exam?


mdavid71253 posted on 2/3/02 11:20:14 PMReply
paramedics taking the regents course

hello i am a paramedic and I am just now starting the regents course and also using istudysmart. I only have to take a and p, micro and the nursing classes. I am wondering if there are any other paramedics taking the course able to give any advice on how the program has been relating to them or if anyone knows anyone who was a paramedic and took the course. Also how did they do?

lauren21 posted on 2/4/02 12:39:45 AMReply
Would you recommend this program??

I wanted to know before I jumped into this program if it is worthwhile. IF anyone has completed this program or almost done please let me know how it is and your opinion. With the textbooks..do they expect you to read the whole thing and then come in for an exam or do they give you outlines on just the specifics to study. If you do not understand a topic is there a teacher you can get hold of to help you out??Please give me as much info as possible about this program.

cristijewell posted on 2/6/02 2:30:14 PMReply
help! Nurs Concepts 1

Hi. I'm CJ. I took nurs concepts 1 approx 1 year ago using all the material (books and everything) required by Exelsiors study guide and my letter grade was a D. What a shock. I really studied and felt prepared... so I thought. I am now taking a different approach and using this publishing company- which I really am enjoying and it seems to be great- thus far. The problem is when I talked with exelsior- they told me that a majority of their students that fail exams were using publishing companies. NOT the case with me last year. Anyway, I'm stuck in the middle now, I feel like I am preparing for the exam way better than before with istudysmart instead of just using exelsiors' content guide.... but how do I know what I am learning I will be tested on? Any advice or comments will help. THanks.

Ronda Gaither posted on 2/6/02 4:02:38 PMReply
ECE vs. Dantes ???

is one easier than the other ??? I noticed a significant difference in price on the statistics exam.

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 2/6/02 9:00:00 PMReply
RE: help! Nurs Concepts 1

Hi Christi, My name is Becky and I am studying N. Concepts one also. I am working on the assignment now. There is so many questions right? I ordered Excel. Study guides too and have not received them yet. I am trying to locate Chancelor's study guide. They said they just guide towards the actual exam. So I am going to purchase some used ones. They sell new for $250.00 and most will sell them used for $100.oo which I am trying to locate now. I'll let you know what I come up with. Want to share assignment or are you finished with it already? Is that OK with you. 641 questions for an assignment takes a while I think. Feel free to email me at rebecca226@hotmail.com I have about 42 questions completed at this time and plan to get busy tonight and type some more answers in. Good Luck Becky and don't give up. you can do it.

cuzz posted on 2/8/02 5:27:39 PMReply
RE: paramedics taking the regents course

I have a few friends that has already got the regents rn and are praticing. I have a BS in EMS so I'm like u have to take micro and rn courses. give me a shout. dscott601@hotmail.com