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April 14, 2002
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ratterjack posted on 1/5/02 4:58:31 PMReply
BSN program

I'm thinking of enrolling in the BSN program. Any opinions out there?

Marcel Rosenberg posted on 1/10/02 12:30:20 AMReply
RE: BSN program

i am thinking about doing the same thing

Marilyn Foreman posted on 1/10/02 8:10:09 PMReply
RE: BSN program

I want to enroll too, I read that there may be a
3 to 6 month wait due to all of the applications.
I've taken the majority of the pre-reqs at the technical college, but I still need about 5 more.

eeoj posted on 1/20/02 9:05:15 PMReply
RE: BSN program

check out university of phoenix online. It is all online, I am into my 5th class now and am doing well. It is accredited with nln. and really offers a challenging environment.