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November 6, 2001

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Kristen Haugh posted on 3/1/01 7:18:40 PMReply
just getting started

Just baught into nursing concepts 1, and found that I had to answer questions while I am online. Is there any other way to download the questions so I'm not online for so long? Is there a way to print the questions out? (besides 675 pages)

36janine posted on 7/5/01 7:21:08 AMReply
RE: just getting started

I wondered the same thing. iStudySmart should have printer friendly layouts without the ads and and other stuff to each side for us to print only our study questions. Janine

shanelunsford posted on 7/13/01 10:23:54 PMReply
RE: just getting started

Once you complete the question you will be able to go back to that question and there is a printer freindly version. but you have to complete the question first.

harryljohns posted on 8/19/01 12:55:02 PMReply
How to AVOID staying on line a lot.

Can you 'click and drag' - that is, copy - what you wish to copy? Even if you (1) place the cursor at the beginning of 600 pages of text, (2) depress the SHIFT bar, (3) take the cursor over to the right side scroll bar, (4) click onto the darkened portion of the scroll bar, (5) drag the scroll bar to the bottom, (6) bring the cursor to the main screen and select where you want the copying to be completed, (7) depress the mouse - left click here, please, and then (8) copy the entire now darkened text by pressing CONTROL (or CTRL) and the letter C at the same time.

If you try to click twice at the end, it will "forget" what you have done. Then you must go back and start over OR hold down the CONTROL (or CTRL) key as you quickly hit the letter Z to undo what you just did. Hit the letter Z twice if you want to go back to the second prior typing change. Three times for three...etc.

Once you have the information you want to copy, go to your eMail account. You can open a free once at Yahoo or Hotmail. Then go to your eMail COMPOSE button, clicking it once. When you are open for typing an eMail, put the cursor in the message area. Depress the CONTROL (or CTRL) button and then quickly press the letter V. This action will cause all that you have copied to go onto this one eMail page.

Send this information to yourself.

If you are blocked from sending too much material, then 'click and drag' over the first part of you long eMail. Depress the CONTROL (or CTRL) button and quickly press the letter C. Then open a new COMPOSE eMail box, hit V to put that first portion in the second eMail section. Send it to yourself. Then return to the first area from which you copied that portion. It should still be darkened. Depress the CONTROL (or CTRL) key and the letter X. This will delete the portion you have already sent to yourself. Then send the remainder to you. The eMails will now have been received in order.

Now you can sign out of the computer AFTER YOU HAVE OPENED YOUR EMAIL INBOX AND RETREIVED YOUR MESSAGE. If you wish to go to the other eMail you will then have to sign back on to the Internet. So plan ahead. You can have two Hotmail eMail messages opened at the same time. So you may do so, then sign off, and have all the pages you can handle on your computer.

If you have the software on your computer, you can copy the pages directly to the word processing software and have it at all times. Remember not to violate any copyright protections.

Plan ahead. Remember what the military knows:


Kind regards,