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December 16, 2002
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Nursing << Topics
tallman posted on 12/3/2001 11:11:18 PMReply
Getting started...

Hi..I am just starting the program. I have an undergraduate degree already and only need anatomy and physiology and micro to complete the general ed requirements. Should I complete these before taking Nursing Concepts 1 or does it matter? And has anyone found the study guides helpful? Thanks for your response...looking forward to getting to know you all..Mike

Kristi Bramlett posted on 1/11/2002 9:41:14 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Hey my name is Kristi and I am planning on starting these online courses to achieve my RN degree. I am currently working as a CMA in a doctor's office and have no time to go back to school full time during the day so that's why I would try out this program. The reason why I am sending this to you is because I would like your opinion on this program. You may either leave me a message on here or email me back at kristib@carolina.rr.com.


pattie posted on 1/16/2002 1:56:26 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

Mike- I took Nursing Concepts I, then II now taking III. Then I will take A&P; and then Micro. Then I will register at Excelsior and take the last three. Remeber that when you register at Excelsior, you want to just have a year left. If you take longer than the year you pay a "yearly maintance fee". Im not sure if it was you that asked the format, but they were all multiple choice (and not "K" type questions). There were no visual pictures. The minimum passing score for all exams is a "C" which is 70%. As soon as you finish the exam they hand you your grade and your units. If you do fail, you can call Excelsior College and they will send you a print out of the "exam report". This will tell you how close (or far) you were from the "C" but does not give you specific areas to study.

Hope this helps! Keep up the motivation! Pattie

gypsy31 posted on 3/26/2002 6:36:23 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Pattie -As a traveler I was excited to find a way to aquire my RN degree without settling down, but I was not quite clear on how things worked. The info you gave Mike is the most helpful I've read yet. Thanks for the detail!

carriegray posted on 5/13/2002 1:37:57 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

nursing diagnosis are like prevention statments, leagly we cannot make diagnosis. i'm not sure of the definition. examples are. at risk for falls, ast risk for skin breakdown. comunication deficit. i hope this helps..

micole posted on 6/4/2002 9:43:36 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

I am currently a CNA. I want to become a RN . But my big problem is that I have a baby and she is young I also work from 3-11pm. I had been on the internet for about a day and then I found this. I could use some advice on if this prohram is for real.Thanks.

Emily Mayo posted on 6/6/2002 11:22:50 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

I'm Emily and I monitor the forums and thought I'd help you out! The nursing program through Excelsior College is fully accredited and the largest nursing program in the country. The catch is that unless you are currently a LPN, Paramedic or EMT, you have to get special permission to enroll in the nursing program. Sometimes Excelsior does make exceptions based on one's clinical experience, so it's worth a call. Their number is 888-647-2388. Good luck!!

Rachel Horton posted on 6/12/2002 9:31:46 PMReply
RE: Getting started...


pyroknight posted on 6/23/2002 8:29:04 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

If Excelsior won't let you start as a CMA, I would recommend getting your EMT from a local community college. If you REALLY want an experience, see if you can find a local volunteer rescue squad/ambulance company that will pay your way through EMT school. The course is pretty straight forward and can be completed in a semester.

After that, the study guides will get you through the Excelsior classes. I'm a paramedic firefighter in NC taking Nursing Concepts 3. So far I have 3 A's and a B using these study guides. If I can help you, email me at pyroknight@firehouse.com.

TURK371 posted on 8/19/2002 6:23:07 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

How are you doing in the Nursing so far?
Did you enroll in Excelsior yet?
Do you think it was beter going though a publishing co , or though just Excelsior?

mkrane07628 posted on 8/22/2002 9:13:37 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Here in NJ your local Ambulance coprs will pay for your EMT class if you volunteer with them.

nurs4god posted on 9/18/2002 8:43:19 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

Just a question regarding enrolling in Excelsior. When I called Sylvan re:testing on those NC courses, I was told that I couldn't test unless I was already enrolled in Excelsior. What is the catch?? Can you be enrolled through one of the publishers (Moore, Rue, etc...) and have permission to test based on that? I am also just getting started and have been an LVN for 7 years. I have almost all of my pre-requisitional courses except A&P; and Micro. I think my Chemistry will work for the General Biology credit. Thanks for your help. My e-mail direct is nurs4god@ev1.net if you would like to talk about the program. thanks again!! God Bless!

Emily Mayo posted on 9/18/2002 10:34:02 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

You don't have to be enrolled with Excelsior to take any exams until you get to Nursing Concepts 3. You do, however, have to register to take the exams through Excelsior before scheduling your test date with Prometric/Sylvan. Call the registration number at Excelsior (888-723-9267) and ask for a registration packet for your course. The consultants at istudysmart are available to clarify any questions you have.

joshmanuel posted on 9/18/2002 3:09:59 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

What do the workbooks consist of? Do they include notes on information, or does it just contain practice questions and answers, and practice exams? What is the format of the workbook?

Emily Mayo posted on 9/19/2002 10:42:52 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

the workbooks are a series of assignment questions and sample exam questions. we do give you reference pages in the text for each questions.

auburngirl30 posted on 9/19/2002 9:17:37 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Hey I hate to rain on your parade, but you need to check with a counsler first, if all you have is a cma, with no furthur education, you wont be accepted into the college. you must be at least an lpn/paramedic/corpsman in military, that kind of thing. if you have that you are fine, if not you may have done it all for nothing. just want you to check first.


Natasha33 posted on 9/23/2002 10:36:44 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Dear Patty:
I am taking nursing I concept and I need lots of help with question they ask and answer them some also, could you help me to get over with this nrusing course I and others thanks again if you can help me soon.
thanks again if you can emil me soon.

Lisarn1 posted on 10/17/2002 1:08:26 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

Hi all. I agree with Natasha. I graduated from Excelsior (formerly Regents) in 1997 with my ADN. It was an excellent experience for me and I found the staff and advisors very helpful.

Unfortunately, the school requires you to have at least an LPN/LVN license to statisfy the clinical experience, which is absolutely crucial to completing the program. You do need those clinical skills to complete the CPNE. I wish you all lots of luck in the completion of your degrees.

As for me, I've enrolled in Thomas Edison College for my BSN. I chose this program basically because I live in NJ and the fees are less expensive for residents, and there are no required clinicals. I'm curious as to whether some of you have taken TESC's online nursing courses and what your opinion of them were.

Thanks for any info


joni_morrisette posted on 11/13/2002 6:15:50 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Hey there Emily well I just heard about this program. And I'am a junior in High School and I would like to become a Nurse. I need some help getting into this. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

teresakcwebb posted on 11/13/2002 7:38:40 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

Rachel,who do I need to speak with about taking a test to get my degree. Yes I just came through a two year ADN program. Due to circumstances that were out of my control, I did not successfully succeed the course and I cannot go back, without starting all over to Level 1. So what can I do to get my degree. Yes I have 5 to 6 levels of clinicals in hospitals, ranging from the OR, to the ER, to OB and med surge areas. So I have had plenty of training in many different fields. I have emailed a coupld of people about this same question and even posted something about it called "Degree." So I would be more then happy if you could direct me in the right direction. Thank you, Teresa

roach161 posted on 11/17/2002 11:08:33 AMReply
RE: Getting started...

hi emily. you seem to know alot of the program.. i haven't yet started but would like to, a bit afraid though. where do i send a copy of my transcript to see what i need to take b4 starting the rn program? i already took my a&p; as a science, micro, adv. phys, sociology and the list goes on. i'm an lpn of 1 year working for a nursing agency. i am also a cota, so i receives alot of health related credits with that program also. with the weekend clinicals...where do i find a list of locations to do them. i live in superior wi., 2 miles from duluth mn. i would really like more info on the whole program.. thank emily.

Emily Mayo posted on 11/18/2002 4:06:37 PMReply
RE: Getting started...

hi! actually, i've been working here for about 6 years, so i am pretty familiar with it! the program is great, but it is difficult. i've only done one course and it was hard for me to stay motivated. in fact, that's the key...you've got to be very disciplined. please call if you have any questions-about the program, test sites, etc...our number is 800-737-2222. maybe i can help you decide if this route is right for you!!emily