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February 4, 2003
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sweetbaby423 posted on 1/27/2003 7:36:24 PMReply
just starting in New Jersey...

OK, folks...I just ordered LSD and the textbook for offline...THEN I read that it is sooooo boring..I'm fighting discouragement. I want my RN very badly...and this is the best chance I have of ever getting it...Does anyone live in New Jersey? I did some searching for cheaper textbooks and believe it or not, iss is the best price I could find. Study buddies wanted...

shlowry posted on 1/29/2003 10:32:58 PMReply
RE: just starting in New Jersey...

Hey if it makes you feel any better I am doing it online and it's not much more exciting. I'm having to force myself to study. Just hang in there and remember out goal - to get our RN.