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August 10, 2002
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Nursing << Topics
vlaxa posted on 10/8/2001 10:18:17 PMReply

hello eveyone! i found this web site by mistake and i like it because i want to become an rn but the problem is that i ont know whereto start. I have taken all my prerequesets at a local college and all i have left is to start the nursing. What do to get into this exceliors college? do i take the nursing concepts without register with the college ? Do i have to purchae the istudysmart.com before get into college ? please tell me if anyone has just started the program and what were the steps taken to get into the program. By theway i will take the emt class on sring semester at a local community offering. thank u in advance.please respond to this forum or email me at XAMOGELO99@aol.com

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 1/17/2002 9:37:52 PMReply
RE: nursing

Look up Istudysmart on the internet. It gives you the criteria and all the info. Just submit your classes with grades. You need at least 1/2 of the college credits or be an EMT etc. It gives you all the info. Just submit all the classes and I am sure they will let you know. It only took me 24 hrs. Becky

hhh posted on 1/22/2002 3:31:34 PMReply
RE: nursing

how are you

pryorjv posted on 7/27/2002 11:41:08 PMReply
RE: nursing

i was just reading your questions regarding the istudy smart progam and i was wondering how is it going i know that it has been almost a year since you wrote your message and i am curious as to where you are in the progam at this point. i am about to start the progam and i need feedback from experienced people. i look forward to hearing from you
judean in sc