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February 4, 2003
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Nursing << Topics
alley_rlt posted on 12/18/2002 12:52:19 PMReply
A & P

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how long it takes to do the A & P course. Also, I would love some opinions from anyone who has taken both online and offline courses, and which they prefer. I am just beginning course work. Thank you for any help ... Rhonda

firemarshalbill posted on 1/7/2003 7:41:53 AMReply
RE: A & P

I have been studying A&P; since sept. I am taking the exam this thursday, hopefully will pass LOL.
This program requires a lot of drive and self motivation to keep going but I will take this route so that I can stay home as much as possible.
I have already received a Masters in engineering via online/remote learning so this is by far my preference (and yes this is a major career change)

firemarshalbill posted on 1/9/2003 12:12:25 PMReply
RE: A & P

Got a B today. Make sure you know your hormones. On to Life Span

lauren21 posted on 1/10/2003 8:25:55 PMReply
RE: A & P

I am taking the A&P; test in 4 days. Can anyone give me some last minute advice about this test. I would appreciate any comments. Anything I should know or especially study the most??

firemarshalbill posted on 1/13/2003 9:05:13 AMReply
RE: A & P

As you can see by my previous posting I just finished it last thursday. It is 160 question in 3 hours I finished in a little over 1 hour and got a B, the time limit is plenty of time for this exam.
If you want to study a subject hard between now and your test study the HORMONES big time. THis test allows you to skip and come back to skipped questions later I suggest you do that so you can get all the easier ones done and relax a little also some questions may give you clues to ones you didnt know. Also, if you are stuck on a question and don't know the answer after all else then try and eliminate answers that you know are wrong and then go with your gut on the remaining answers.
PS I am an instructor for the Mass. Fire academy and these testing techinques are what we tell the Firefighters taking tests at the academy. Good luck and feel free to email me at wdonahue1@attbi.com if you would like anything else

Paul Hoffman posted on 1/17/2003 10:19:33 PMReply
RE: A & P

Are you a fireman? I am a paramedic fireman and was wondering if it was a difficult transition to nursing and is it completely different philosophy
Are you almost done with the course?

firemarshalbill posted on 1/18/2003 8:29:53 AMReply
RE: A & P

Paul I am a fireman/emt/hazmat tech as well as instructor for the fire academy. I am planning on making nursing my part time job I will probably make more as a part time nurse than a full time fireman. I still have a ways to go but the philosophys are different big time between nurse and fireman/emt-b or emt-pm. As a paramedic you should have a geat headstart on the course work.
email me if you would like to talk, wdonahue1@attbi.com


ParamedicStudent posted on 2/1/2003 11:28:27 AMReply
RE: A & P

are you still taking the A&P; course? We have a study group of two E.M.T's and an LPN and we could use more input...

ParamedicStudent on istudysmart

firemarshalbill posted on 2/3/2003 8:37:14 AMReply
RE: A & P

Nope, finished it and just finished LSD which is a breeze compared to A&P.; My email is wdonahue1@attbi.com and my AOL IM name is fmarshalbill9. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Like I sid earlier KNOW YOUR HORMONES that ws far and away the most important section.