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February 6, 2002

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MarkA316 posted on 10/3/01 9:21:59 AMReply
Nursing concepts 1

I am preparing for Nursing Concepts 1 and was curious if anybody out there has taken that exam. If so, let me know what worked for you as far as studying. Also let me know what to expect when I take the test. Thanks.

pattie wyant posted on 10/6/01 10:48:04 PMReply
RE: Nursing concepts 1

Hi- I took Nursing Concepts 1 on 8/27/01. I followed the study guide from Excelsior College EXACTLY and did not read/study anything else. I prepared for it for just over two weeks studing about two hours every night. I got a B. Good luck, let us know how you do. pattie@firstresponder.com

bckpkr posted on 10/7/01 9:37:02 PMReply
RE: Nursing concepts 1

Hi, just was curious where I could find the study guide to Nursing concepts 1. Any information would be great. Thanks in advance

MarkA316 posted on 10/8/01 8:38:35 PMReply
RE: Nursing concepts 1

I purchased the istudysmart nursing concepts 1 course and have been trying to study off that. Is that the best way or should I only use the study guide that excelsior gives you? The questions in the course don't seem to match up with the study guide content.

Nurse Kathy posted on 10/9/01 8:33:54 PMReply
RE: Nursing concepts 1

Are you talking about the free content guide from Excelsior. It seems like they are broke into parts that you need to look up.

MarkA316 posted on 10/9/01 11:59:04 PMReply
RE: Nursing concepts 1

Right. I have both the free content guide as well as the course offered through this web site company. I was interested to know if anyone who has taken the test found this site helpful or if everything you need to know is listed on the content guide.