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November 6, 2001

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mford2k posted on 9/30/01 11:23:38 PMReply
Mulling it over...

Hi Everyone,

I'm an LPN for 15 years (started in the Army). I have no other college credits and I'm interested in a couple things:

How much are we talking about in total costs?
How many credits does the SmartClub allow me to take?
After we go through the online course, is this when we schedule for/take the exams?

If I take this is there people here who are interested in linking up during the courses?

Thanks in advance...
Mark mford2k@hotmail.com

myra posted on 10/1/01 10:16:50 PMReply
RE: Mulling it over...

Dont worry about the cost, everything costs money, the good thing is that you can take your time learning the course and you can still work at the same time. I have been a LVN for 5 yrs and could kick myself for not doing this sooner cause i could have been an RN by now making more money. You could probably save money by going to a jr college but then you have the hassle of getting there and sitting through those boring classes. Try a course or two and then you will know if you like it. I know a few people that got their RN through Excelsior College and so can we! Good luck. P.S. you schedule your exam when you think you are ready for the test.