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February 4, 2003
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vashti_@hotmail.com posted on 11/22/2002 10:36:37 AMReply
Life Span Exam

I just took the Life Span exam using the Study Smart materials and got an "A". The page numbers were very helpful in locating the answers to the questions in the study guide. I also used the study guide and CD that accompanied the text and felt well prepared for the test. I have now ordered the materials for the Nursing Concepts 1 exam. Hopefully, I will do well on this one too.

vsuggs31061 posted on 11/23/2002 2:54:51 PMReply
RE: Life Span Exam

Hi, thankx for posting this. I just started and it did me good to see someone who just passed. Congratulations!

Ps I'll give you 10 points if you can tell me who Queen Vashti is! :D