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December 17, 2002
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Nursing << Topics
tsmithlpn posted on 11/10/2002 11:51:12 AMReply
Having trouble deciding

I have considered working toward my RN degree for the past several years. But always chicken out. I have been a LPN for 19 years (since age 19) and can remember saying "if I get through this, I'll never go back to school".
Over the years I have had RN's tell me "you should be a RN". Everytime I hear this I wonder if they are right. Then the haunting memories of how hard nursing school was return and I tell myself "I'm happy being a LPN".
I have debated about trying this type of RN bridge program, verses the typical classroom setting. I have never taken any college course and am of average intelligence. I know this is a decision that only I can make, but your input would be greatly appreiciated.

shlowry posted on 11/20/2002 11:11:35 PMReply
RE: Having trouble deciding

Dear t, I have been an LVN for 8 years. Iwent to a private lvn school and have no college hours. I am starting from the beginning because I can't stand not getting the recognition that I deserve just because of my "title". I too am scared but I know I deserve the apy and the security of being an RN. Good Luck and if I can help just write.