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February 6, 2002

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nikbar posted on 9/21/01 10:09:35 PMReply
Lisa Sundberg

I tried to reply to your message but I kept getting a error message.
I have just started also. I took the Anatomy and Physiology. and I have started the Occupational Strategies.
I am in ATL, GA. I have most of my prerequisits already done through comm. college also

lisa sundberg posted on 9/25/01 10:54:15 PMReply
RE: Lisa Sundberg

Hi Nikki,
For some reason Im having difficulty getting my email. THanks for responding . I also have alot of
prereq.classes done. I am starting on Nursing concepts I. It is very hard for me to sit at the computor and do this any suggestions?
How have youbeen doing with your courses and have you tested on anything yet? Im from MN near mpls.

pattie wyant posted on 9/28/01 3:22:47 PMReply
RE: Lisa Sundberg

I just took Nursing 1. I followed the outline specifically and did well. I am getting ready for Nursing II on 10/16...any words of wisdom?

xamogelo posted on 9/28/01 9:36:19 PMReply
RE: Lisa Sundberg

can u please elp me?????. The first time i run to ths site i found the page that ty were advirtising for adn and bsn and i didput it in my favotire but tonight i open it up i it was a different display. Is ther any way tohelp e find te original page and see what thir requirements are to get into adn ??? I think i remember seen something of being emtor someting?please help m email m at xamogelo99@aol.com

nikbar posted on 9/29/01 4:48:10 PMReply
RE: Lisa Sundberg

I have only taken the Anatomy and Physiology test. I did get an A. whoohoo!!
I am studing now for the Occupational Strategies. I just recently send in all my enrollment info to Excelsior. Hopefully I will get back an evaluation from them as to what test/prerequ. it am going to have to take. If the istudysmart.com evaluation is correct, I will need to take microbiology and life span developement. then I will get into the nursing.
Re: sitting in front of the computer:
On the A&P; study guide, I just typed in "see notebook" and I had a notebook that I would print out the question and just write out the info. Especially if it was a really drawn out question that I was going to have to be reading alot before I could compose an answer.
That might help if you have just been sitting @ the computer for too long.