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October 20, 2002
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LDCQJCQ posted on 10/3/2002 11:59:10 AMReply
I am trying to make a decision

Hi, I am Libby
I am a working mom with 4 children and seperated
from my husband. I want to know if I will be making the right decision to get in to this
particular program. I have been a LPN for a
little over a year, but I have been in the
medical field for about 10years. I am very
scared about making the decision because of
my situation and finances at this time. How-
ever, I want to take these courses on line.

Natasha33 posted on 10/4/2002 3:24:39 PMReply
RE: I am trying to make a decision

It is easy for you to do it, I am the same situation but dont worry , it is easy tobe done, where do youlive? we can help each other to finish it also, take care natasha

Buckym posted on 10/4/2002 8:01:53 PMReply
RE: I am trying to make a decision

hey,,, im also tryin to decide when/if I should start.thinkin about tryin that life span dev. course to start,, good luck to you both,, I also have 3 young kids(2 are in school now)I work 24 hour shifts at my job, and I've taken other online courses,, oh well,, bye for now,, buck