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December 16, 2002
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bruinsrep posted on 9/4/2002 4:13:27 PMReply
Nursing 1 test retake

I just took the Nur 1 test a got a D. The test was harder that I thought, and I studied alot. The college will not tell you what you got wrong or areas where one is defficient. Has anyone retaken the test and got better results or if the tests are similar. this is very dissappointing...

erichoughtalin posted on 10/22/2002 2:58:14 AMReply
RE: Nursing 1 test retake

take your time and re-invent the way you study.
I personally read and take notes on the left side of the paper. I draw a line down the middle and write key points as well as questions that I need to answer.

ksholar posted on 10/23/2002 10:23:55 AMReply
RE: Nursing 1 test retake

I took the nursing 1 test in september, I got a B. I also did the reading and note taking. I felt what really helped me with the test was studying from the questions. I used the CD that came with my nursing concepts book and would study the questions after reading each chapter. I also a week before went through the questions again. It was a hard test. Good Luck!!