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October 20, 2002
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alicia_black posted on 8/28/2002 12:12:53 PMReply

I'm a single mother of 2, and have been an LPN for a little over 9 years now. I have wanted to return to school, but felt my obligation to my children was more important. This sounds like an easier way to get my ADN, but I'm worried about the cost.
1) What's the difference between the online and off line courses (duh, yes i know one is on line, and one is not), but if you go on line, do you still get the study guides, or do you have to print them. EXACTLY what is included in the online course
2) Where are the clinicals? Am i going to fly half way across the country to take clinicals?
3) What is the BOTTOM LINE cost for the ADN program, with all the book fees, test fees, course fees, enrollment, etc., etc., etc. Including the hidden costs, that are ALWAYS there.
Please let me know if this is a good idea or not. I can't afford to make a mistake.
thanks. black_alicia_a@hotmail.com

mitch6 posted on 8/28/2002 2:08:14 PMReply
RE: Undecided

I think the best way to get all your questions answered is to either call the toll free number or email study smart. I have only started my first class two weeks ago. I had plenty of questions (still have some that pop up).
After I signed up for this first class I was contacted by Gary Minnis at Istudysmart. He told me that he would be my contact if I have any questions and he would follow my progress througout the program.