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October 20, 2002
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firemarshalbill posted on 8/16/2002 10:01:19 AMReply

Just curious which of the classes will include pharmecology in-depth

shirleyj2 posted on 8/17/2002 3:46:36 AMReply
RE: Pharmecology

Hi Bill,
don't know for sure but i think you have to take a pharmacology class,I dont see any offered classes in nursing that would cover that.

firemarshalbill posted on 8/17/2002 7:33:52 PMReply
RE: Pharmecology

that is what i thought, thanks

katluv77 posted on 8/19/2002 12:54:11 PMReply
RE: Pharmecology

There is some pharmacology covered on pretty much all of the nursing tests. NC4 has cardiac drugs on it and NC2 has drugs as well.