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February 4, 2003
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firemarshalbill posted on 8/14/2002 4:42:29 PMReply
EMT_Basics enrolled

I am a FF emt-basic and am just getting started in the program, I would like to hear from any other EMT-B's on their results to date

marcus barnes posted on 11/2/2002 8:56:00 PMReply
RE: EMT_Basics enrolled

Hello I have taken 2 courses to date. psychology and sociology and passed. I am taking the GENERAL BIOLOGY course now and it is not very general. Good luck. MB in SC

RMondy posted on 12/5/2002 5:41:05 PMReply
RE: EMT_Basics enrolled

EMT-Paramedic here. I find working on the truck is usful if you can incorporate your studies with your patients. Like Life Span Development, Ethics, and etc. I'm on my third course right now and have a 4.0 average. I go in thinking that I'm going to flunk and somehow pull it out. It also helps that I pray alot. Good luck and stay with it.