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October 11, 2002
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Medicmom2002 posted on 7/11/2002 11:29:29 AMReply
Finishing a course

Just wondered if anyone has actually finished the Life-Span Dev course in a month. I am aiming for that, but I am not sure it is going to work, esp with 2 kids and a job. Just wondered if there were any hints out there. Thanks
Rosann EMT

basirat posted on 7/19/2002 9:59:17 AMReply
RE: Finishing a course

I just started on 07/19/02. I completed 42 questions and will like a study partner. I am also aiming to complete the entire homework within a month time frame as well. May be we can share homework. email me at shonekan@hotmail.com

Patchouli posted on 7/24/2002 2:40:18 PMReply
RE: Finishing a course

Hi. I've just started studying for the Life Span Development course as well. I am going to take A&P; I. and statistics at the university this fall
and I am hoping I can complete this pshyc. course before school starts August 19. It seems an impossible feat right now but I'm willing to try!
By the way, I only work on the weekends but I have three small children so I understand your dilemma.
Perhaps we can help each other. Anyone interested please contact me at artraveller@yahoo.com