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February 4, 2003
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Ronda Gaither posted on 3/4/2002 12:09:42 AMReply

has anyone taken the statistics exam ?? and if so which testing company did you use ?? was it very hard ???

tina35 posted on 3/6/2002 8:48:46 PMReply
RE: Statistics

hi i have not taking this exam before but i have heard that dantes was the best and cheapest good luck.....tina

janosnagy posted on 4/1/2002 11:37:18 AMReply
RE: Statistics

Hi there!

I have been preparing for DANTES Statistics for
the last 4 weeks, and I hope to pass it with at
least C.
Thanx for the comment anyway.


mtbob99 posted on 4/26/2002 11:33:50 AMReply
RE: Statistics

John, have you taken the Statistics exam yet? If so how well did you do and what book did you use? (DANTES has several choices). Bob

nagyjanos posted on 4/26/2002 10:31:10 PMReply
RE: Statistics

Dear Bob,

I did well on the test.
I only used SCHAUM'S Outlines Series, BARRON'S and APEX Learning Guides. These test prep. materials are definitely useful ones in my opinion. Although, they are meant to train you for the Advanced Placement Exam in Statistics.
They contain plenty of solved problems, graphs you should memorize, and they also give you hints on how to attack problems.
However, if you have not acquired knowledge of basic terms and concepts in this field, then I suggest you should buy a textbook, any of those listed in the Fact Sheet/Study Guide by the Chauncey Group may be good. When taking the DANTES, I figured the emphasis was rather on factual application of simple theory fundamentals than on complicated calculations.

Ever Upward, America!

mtbob99 posted on 4/27/2002 7:57:13 AMReply
RE: Statistics

Nagyjanos, thanks for your reply and information. I'll be starting Statistics in June after I complete Business Law which I've just started. Thanks again, Bob

mtbob99 posted on 5/9/2002 9:06:59 AMReply
RE: Statistics

John, was the Dantes Statistics exam a timed exam and how many questions were there. Bob

nagyjanos posted on 5/16/2002 11:40:22 PMReply
RE: Statistics

Hi Bob,

The DANTES Statistics exam was NOT a timed exam.
I was sitting there for 3 hours...
There were, as far as I can remember,90 questions (multiple choice).
I got some books for you on the subject.
Are you interested in buying them?
These are the ones I told you about before.
Or do you have any books to offer in exchange for them?

mtbob99 posted on 5/17/2002 8:56:49 AMReply
RE: Statistics

John, thanks... Whats your major and what subjects are you looking for? I just bought the Statistics textbook and Barons Book. I'm taking business courses for a general business degree. I have econ, bus management, marketing, soc.,... Bob

nagyjanos posted on 5/18/2002 9:51:09 PMReply
RE: Statistics

Hi Bob,

I am majoring in Production/Operations Management.
But I am contemplating to change my major to Information Technology. In the past 5 months I earned 18 credits for Calculus,Algebra, Marketing,
Statistics, Microeconomics. I got books to switch in the above subjects.
Management test preparation materials would definitely be of interest to me.


mtbob99 posted on 5/19/2002 12:37:26 PMReply
RE: Statistics

John, are you going to clep principles of management? If so, I'll give you the book that I used, you just pay for the postage. I scored an A on the exam. I have the books that I need to finish out my associates. In the future I will need books towards my Bachelor of Bus.... Bob

nagyjanos posted on 5/19/2002 7:45:37 PMReply
RE: Statistics

Hello again,

Yes I am going to clep out on principles of management. Thanks for your generosity.
I need to know what the title is, and who the author of the book is.
I am ready to cover your s&h; costs, of course.
Next month I will take Macroeconomics, I found excellent web prep. sources for economics and accounting. You may want to check it out.
They are pretty good, aren't they?


mtbob99 posted on 5/20/2002 8:52:25 AMReply
RE: Statistics

John, I clepped the Micro & Macro exams last year. I have a textbook on economics if you need one. The book for management is "REVIEW FOR THE CLEP PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT EXAM" by Donald E. Hovey this book is sold thru Amazon.com. This is the only book you will need. I studied it for 3 weeks and then took the exam, passed with an A. Send your mailing address to me at Mtgolden2@netscape.net and i'll mail you the book and or Econ book also..Bob..

mtbob99 posted on 6/4/2002 10:31:28 AMReply
RE: Statistics

John, thankyou. I hope you can use both books, they are all you need for those Cleps. Bob