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December 16, 2002
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flaminblonde posted on 2/13/2002 4:49:18 PMReply
How many ppl out there

I noticed that no one utilizes these boards. Are there alot of ppl on this site?

rebecca226@hotmail.com posted on 2/23/2002 2:33:11 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

I don't know how many are out there but I am sure there are quite a few. Just busy with all the assignments etc. I'm in nursing Concepts 1 now and there are 641 questions on my assignment and most have 1- 20 questions per each question. Anyone need a N. Concepts 1 study partner? Becky

stevestevewhitewhite posted on 3/16/2002 5:38:10 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

the reason no body utilizes these message boards is because no one ever reads them. These people put a site up and then let the user try and navigate his or her own way thru it. if someone would make a site on the internet that wouldnt make us so called non-users of the Net, then that would be really extremely helpful thanks for your time peace out..

pmwaddill posted on 3/19/2002 12:00:07 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

I just signed up because I heard this site offers study guides for CLEP and DANTES. So far all I'm seeing is their courses. I'm already working with WGU on that. Any idea how to get ahold of DANTES study guides?

Hartley posted on 3/22/2002 7:30:50 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

I've navigated myself here and I don't even belong here, yet....but I'm thinking about it!

lord89 posted on 3/28/2002 10:57:23 AMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

good luck ppl checker.

paul_jutras posted on 4/8/2002 4:29:37 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

I skim thru once in a while. I am currently taking Abnormal Psychology and Gerentology. Good luck in your studies.


barbeet posted on 9/18/2002 1:03:19 PMReply
RE: How many ppl out there

Dantes study guides are available on their web site WWW.chauncey.com