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  • Become an RN with iStudySmart.com - Did You Know We Have Nursing Courses?

    iStudySmart.com offers over 60 courses across multiple studies including business, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Did you know nursing courses are also available? iStudySmart.com has over 31 nursing credit hours in study courses such as Health Safety, Chronicity, Reproductive Health, Life Span, and Research. For students who have already completed their LPN/LVN certification, these courses can provide a quick transition to bridge to RN. You may have been thinking about becoming an RN before, but never thought you had time to take the necessary classes and earn your nursing degree.

    iStudySmart.com understands every student is different. You learn at your own pace and have your own study habits. You may also have a busy schedule and life/work responsibilities may be keeping you from attending classes on a physical campus. We wanted to give you an option, and let you know your career and life goals don’t have to take the back seat just because you have a busy schedule. With iStudySmart.com’s nursing courses, you can study when you want, where you want, and test only when you’re ready and comfortable with the material. After learning the material on a schedule you decide, and passing just one exam per course, you earn college credit that is transferrable to an accredited college toward an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Once you have your degree in hand, finish your clinicals, and pass the NCLEX-RN (board) exam, you will be a registered nurse! If you’re ready to start on your RN journey, you don’t have to wait any longer. Let iStudySmart.com help you reach you RN goal.

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  • Making the Transition from LPN/VN to RN


    Written by Roger Ruiz, RN, BSN, MBA

    The nursing shortage has created opportunities for LPNs to advance their education to become RNs… and maybe their only option for thriving in a diminishing LPN market. With a growing and aging population throughout the United States, patients are becoming increasingly complex to care for.  In the increasingly competitive healthcare market, hospitals favor hiring and retaining RNs over LPNs for many reasons.  Better nursing staff education will result in better patient outcomes. RNs have been trained to make decisions and perform patient care interventions that require critical thinking and decision making abilities…an area that LPNs lack not because they do not have the talent to do so.  Without the required formal nursing education to pass the state board examination and earn the designation of RN, many LPNs often become frustrated because they realize their shortcomings….not because they are not capable.  The “nursing law of the land” dictates that LPNs are limited in scope and practice.  Employers translate that into lower wages for LPNs as opposed to higher salaries for RNs.      


    In their journey to attain and retain Magnet status, many large hospital systems have removed LPNs from the acute care inpatient settings and re-assigned to outpatient care areas.  In reality and the broader scope of this matter, LPNs will likely be phased out the outpatient settings by attrition (taking early retirement, frozen wages, etc.).  LPNs may be retained only if they are enrolled and will complete an RN program within the next 5 years.  The message is clear, if the highly experience LPN wants to remain competitive in the health care industry….get your RN degree!  For fulltime working LPNs, an excellent choice to make the transition from LPN to RN is through a self paced distance learning program such as Excelsior College of New York.  Start your journey from LPN to RN by preparing to test out successfully and complete college credit through examination. 

    The time and money you use to finance your RN degree program are an investment in your family and most importantly….you!

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  • Excelsior College Distance Education Nursing Program

    Most nurses out there know one thing about continuing their education: it takes FOREVER! First you have to decide what college to attend, and then get accepted, register for your general education course requirements, and then your name will be placed on a waiting list for all the nursing course requirements.  Sometimes the waiting list is only a semester however there are colleges with waiting lists of two years or more.  In a society where we can watch the news instantly on our smart phones this seems outrageous.  Who wants to wait 2 years just to start their education? Fortunately for LVNs/LPNs, paramedics and Respiratory Therapists there are options. Today I will outline Excelsior College's Associate Degree in Nursing a great option for distance education.

    Here’s how it works:  

    1. You TEST OUT of all your courses (Yep, it’s that simple).
    2. You start with the general education courses (you don’t even have to be enrolled with Excelsior) and test out and pass all of the required general education courses.
    3. Then you enroll with Excelsior and test out and pass all of the nursing courses.
    4. Once that is complete you schedule your CPNE (Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination).   This is a testing clinical held on a weekend at sites throughout the US.
    5. Once you pass the CPNE all that is left is sitting for your NCLEX exam.
    6. Pass your NCLEX and you are a Registered Nurse!

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  • Develop Skills, Knowledge and Professionalism With One of the NAPNES Nurse Certification Programs!


    NAPNES LPN/LVN Pharmacology Certification (NCP)

    NAPNES Certification in Pharmacology allows LPN/LVNs to measure their knowledge against a national test and offers a national credential, post-licensure, that many employers require. Since the mid sixties, NAPNES Certification in Pharmacology has been a mark of excellence – a nurse certification above minimum standards for licensure -- for licensed practical/vocational nurses. Add the NCP designation in your nurse certification portfolio! Build and expand your employability.


    NAPNES LPN/LVN Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC)

    Long-Term Care Certification (CLTC) is comprehensive in that it covers the entire life-span, for people that are chronically ill. So whether your patients and clients are infants, seniors, or in-between, this is the certification to have. The NAPNES CLTC is a Long-Term Care certification that has been recognized in the nursing industry for decades. This revised version includes new theories in Long-Term Care across the life span and e-learning. It’s time to add a CLTC Long-Term Care Certification to your portfolio!


    NAPNES Allied Health Professional (AHP)
    Long-Term Care Certification (LTC)

    This is a new nurse certification for NAPNES and includes unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) for the Long-Term Care Certification.  The Allied Health Professional Long-Term Care certification program confirms to employers that the candidate is knowledgeable in long-term care and is engaged in skill-building. Add the AHP Long-Term Care certification to your portfolio! 

    Save $20 Off a NAPNES Certificate! Use Coupon Code: SAVE123 

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  • Decision Critical Founder & CEO Runs for Future Nurses

    There is no question that those in the healthcare community perform heroic and lifesaving tasks each day in order to care for others.  In the spring of 2009, Santa Clara High School’s staff nurse, Eileen Bowden, performed CPR on the school’s softball coach after he collapsed with no pulse after a team practice.


    Bowden’s actions kept the coach alive until paramedics arrived at the school, but then nurse Bowden collapsed.  Tragically, she died en route to the local medical center.  To read more about Bowden’s story, please click here.


    In 2009, Kenneth Dion, Decision Critical Founder and CEO, ran the San Francisco half-marathon for the first time in an effort to help raise funds for nursing scholarships and to increase awareness around the need for future nursing leaders.  Dion made his run in remembrance of Eileen Bowden.  His efforts raised over $3,200 toward the Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered through the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association.


    On July 25, 2010, Dion ran the half marathon for a second time in memoriam of Bowden and raised another $2,000 toward the Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship Fund to help nurses of today become leaders of tomorrow.


     “I am not a runner,” Dion said.


     “John F. Kennedy once said that, ‘We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things . . . not because they are easy, but because they are hard.’ In an effort to bring increased attention to our need for future professional nurses, I chose this event because it was hard.


    “I wanted people to know that this was an idea that I took very, very seriously.  I believe that the importance of nurses like Eileen lives on in her memory and if we do not recognize and make others aware of the need for exceptional nurses like Eileen, they will not be there when we need them.  We must all support aspiring nurses financially while they make the hard personal sacrifices on their journey to becoming a professional nurse.”


    To donate to Dion’s efforts and the Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click here.


    To learn more about the Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship and other nursing scholarships, visit the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association website.

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  • Nursing Students: Go to School in Your Pajamas!

    Thousands of people go to school in their pajamas every day.  By using distance learning to obtain your Associate’s Degree in Nursing, you can enjoy studying in a relaxed atmosphere while working toward your goal of becoming an RN.


    Advancing your career from LPN to RN, Paramedic to RN, or RT to RN is your ticket to job security!  While it can be challenging for some to commute back and forth to school and figuring out child care while balancing a full schedule, distance learning students don’t have those things to worry about.  If you are a Licensed Practical Nurse, Paramedic, or Respiratory Therapist looking to become an RN, distance learning is a convenient solution for you.  Distance learning programs allow you to take courses from the comfort and convenience of your home or during your downtime! 


    Don’t waste time and money commuting back and forth to school several times a week, just pull up a chair and get started wherever you’re comfortable. 


    Don’t arrange and incur the extra expense for a babysitter to watch your kids while you’re at class on campus several times a week.  You can be in your home with them studying while they do their homework or play.


    Don’t rearrange your work schedule for school, simply study when you want and test when you’re ready.  If you learn better early in the day, during down time at work, while your child practices baseball, or late into the evening, that’s perfect!  You decide when, where, and how long!


    The demands of a family, a full or part-time job, and other responsibilities can make the thought of getting your Associate’s Degree in Nursing seem like a dream that will never become a reality.  However, with the convenience and flexibility of distance learning nursing degree programs you can move from LPN to RN, Paramedic to RN, or RT to RN without disrupting your entire life.


    If you want to earn your ASN degree, but would not have to drive to a college campus, iStudySmart.com has the in-depth study materials you need to complete college credit using CLEP, DSST, and ECE exams.  iStudySmart.com courses cover every concept you'll see on test day. Complete the assignments and you'll know what you need to know. It’s guaranteed!

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  • Nurses Wanted!

    Job postings are popping up around the nation because the aging population requires more care and existing nurses are retiring. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the healthcare career field to be within the top ten fastest growing jobs from now to 2018. The Bureau also reports that on average, nursing degree holders make between $51,640 to $76,570 annually with great benefits, job security and advancement opportunities.

    Now is the time to begin your nursing education and working toward fulfilling your career goals. With advancements in education, you can work toward your nursing degree in the comfort of your own home! Distance learning nursing degree programs are an alternative to traditional college programs and provide several benefits to nursing students …

    • Convenience -- Work at your own pace and study when it’s convenient for you.
    • Save On Money -- Distance learning programs don’t require you to drive to campus, which helps you save on gas costs.
    • Flexible Schedules -- Because you don’t need to commit to being in class at a set day and time each week, you’re able to balance your family, work and social commitments with your studies
    • Earn Your Degree Sooner -- Distance learning nursing degree programs typically move faster than traditional college programs.  While traditional classes are usually 16 weeks long, with distance learning you can study as quickly as you want.

    iStudySmart.com can help nursing students test out of general education and nursing subjects and complete college credit. For more information, visit http://www.istudysmart.com/fpage.asp?fpid=51 or call 800-737-2222.

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  • Is There Such a Thing as a Recession-Proof Job?

    A recession-proof job is something that is going to continually be in demand and something that cannot be outsourced.  Healthcare is at the top of the list of recession-proof jobs.


    The baby-boomer generation is aging.  Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the industry now are retiring and they themselves will need care.  This makes healthcare an industry that is going to grow in terms of demand.


    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ten out of the 20 fastest growing occupations are in healthcare. Between now and 2018, the healthcare field will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs. This means more openings for healthcare professionals, and the opportunity to find placement within the field after completing a healthcare degree.


    Where to find the jobs

    Jobs in healthcare are found throughout the country, but they are concentrated in the larger states such as Florida. A 2009 report by the Florida Center for Nursing identifies two important points for potential Florida healthcare workers:

    • The potential nurse workforce in Florida – those with an active license, eligibility to practice, and a Florida address – increased by 5.4% over two years.
    • Florida’s nursing jobs can be found not only in hospitals, but in home health agencies and nursing facilities.
    • These points reflect the growth of Florida’s healthcare career field and the chance to break into the industry.

    How to begin a healthcare career

    The first step in pursuing a healthcare career is by completing a certification, licensure or obtaining a college degree. For those looking to spring board into this career field, completing college credit by examination is an ideal choice.


    iStudySmart.com provides students the tools they need to  test out of CLEP, DSST (formerly known as DANTES Subject Standardized Test) and Excelsior College exams. For healthcare students, in particular, iStudySmart.com offers a wide variety of courses for those working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.


    Why Choose iStudySmart.com

    Completing college credit by examination through iStudySmart.com allows students the flexibility to study at their own pace and in an environment that’s most comfortable for them. The traditional college classroom is eliminated, but the support and assistance needed to pass the exams is still there.


    iStudySmart.com’s courses are affordable and available in three formats: online, workbooks or CD-ROMs. Discounts are available for HCA employees and a referral rewards program is offered to all students.


    For more information, visit www.iStudySmart.com or call 800-737-2222.



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