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    The National Education Alliance and iStudySmart.com have teamed up and are offering you a FREE membership with absolutely no cost or obligation. That’s a $95 value! Just for being an iStudySmart.com customer you will automatically be enrolled in this complimentary membership with the National Education Alliance.


    So what is the National Education Alliance how can it benefit me?

    The National Education Alliance understands the time and money constraint most Americans face with the task of furthering their education.  So the Alliance is reducing the financial burden that adult learners face by returning to college every day.  They recommend the use of credit by examination to lower that cost. Over 3,800 colleges and universities allow you to earn 25-50% of your degree by “testing out” with credit by examination. Passing CLEP, DSST (formerly DANTES), or ECE exams can help you to achieve your education goals.

    The Alliance has also teamed up with providers to offer you the highest quality products and services. To meet your needs, these providers all deliver multiple layers of academic support and work tirelessly to resolve the issues that have stopped individuals from achieving their dream of completing a college degree.

    You definitely do not want to miss out on the great opportunities that come with this membership!
    Here are a few:

    • Tuition discounts in schools such as Western Governors University and Kaplan
    • Grant and scholarship opportunities sent directly to you
    • Access to innovative educational programs such as Critical Portfolio
    • $100 OFF the National Education Alliance Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center empowers students to explore where they stand in the completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees from accredited colleges and universities across the nation (340 institutions and growing).

    • And more!


    You are already enrolled as a member and can take advantage of ALL member benefits now! To start visit the National Education Alliance Member Benefits page and start saving money while getting closer to your goal TODAY!

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  • Is There Such a Thing as a Recession-Proof Job?

    A recession-proof job is something that is going to continually be in demand and something that cannot be outsourced.  Healthcare is at the top of the list of recession-proof jobs.


    The baby-boomer generation is aging.  Nurses and other healthcare professionals in the industry now are retiring and they themselves will need care.  This makes healthcare an industry that is going to grow in terms of demand.


    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ten out of the 20 fastest growing occupations are in healthcare. Between now and 2018, the healthcare field will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs. This means more openings for healthcare professionals, and the opportunity to find placement within the field after completing a healthcare degree.


    Where to find the jobs

    Jobs in healthcare are found throughout the country, but they are concentrated in the larger states such as Florida. A 2009 report by the Florida Center for Nursing identifies two important points for potential Florida healthcare workers:

    • The potential nurse workforce in Florida – those with an active license, eligibility to practice, and a Florida address – increased by 5.4% over two years.
    • Florida’s nursing jobs can be found not only in hospitals, but in home health agencies and nursing facilities.
    • These points reflect the growth of Florida’s healthcare career field and the chance to break into the industry.

    How to begin a healthcare career

    The first step in pursuing a healthcare career is by completing a certification, licensure or obtaining a college degree. For those looking to spring board into this career field, completing college credit by examination is an ideal choice.


    iStudySmart.com provides students the tools they need to  test out of CLEP, DSST (formerly known as DANTES Subject Standardized Test) and Excelsior College exams. For healthcare students, in particular, iStudySmart.com offers a wide variety of courses for those working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing.


    Why Choose iStudySmart.com

    Completing college credit by examination through iStudySmart.com allows students the flexibility to study at their own pace and in an environment that’s most comfortable for them. The traditional college classroom is eliminated, but the support and assistance needed to pass the exams is still there.


    iStudySmart.com’s courses are affordable and available in three formats: online, workbooks or CD-ROMs. Discounts are available for HCA employees and a referral rewards program is offered to all students.


    For more information, visit www.iStudySmart.com or call 800-737-2222.



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