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  • Testing out of Courses is a Good Thing

    According to a 2009-2010 US Census press release, 19 million students are pursuing a college degree, with 36 percent attending school part-time. For the part-time student, testing out of courses and completing college credit by examination is a great alternative. As someone who tested out of general education subjects while in college, I appreciate the option of completing college credit by examination since it allowed me to focus on my core classes for my degree.

    Of course, having the “college experience” is important, too. But for students who have work, family and personal obligations or for military students serving our country, having the choice to test out of classes is especially appealing. It allows for more flexibility and the opportunity to get a head start on their degree and their potential professional career. 

    iStudySmart.com offers over 60 courses to assist students in completing college credit by examination through CLEP, DSST (formerly known as DANTES) and ECE exams. From business to nursing to English and other general education courses, iStudySmart.com’s wide variety of courses helps students work toward their academic and professional goals.

    Testing out of college classes shouldn’t be seen as a way of “rushing” through college. Instead, it offers an alternative to the non-traditional student with other responsibilities looking to earn their college degree and venture into their desired career field.

    *Source: 2009-2010 US Census Press Release –

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  • iStudySmart.com meets Excelsior College’s "Best Practices"

    iStudySmart.com announces that they have qualified as the first company to meet Excelsior College's "Best Practices for Test Preparation Providers".

    "For over 20 years, we have worked diligently to develop quality study materials and the highest degree of integrity possible for adult learners. Our customer service is top of the industry. I am pleased that the effort has allowed us to be the first company to meet this standard so far," says David Wright, President of iStudySmart.com.

    Excelsior College is a pioneer in distance learning and in the development of non-traditional options for working adults pursuing degrees. Begun in 1971, Excelsior's philosophy has been that adults gain college-level knowledge in many ways. Work, hobbies, or other experiences outside the classroom contribute a potential student's body of knowledge. This philosophy led to the development of accredited degree programs that allow working adults to get credit for what they have learned and also provides a means for students to gain additional knowledge needed in the pursuit of a degree.

    Excelsior offers online classes, but they also allow students to self-study and pass Excelsior College examinations to earn credit. In addition, Excelsior awards credit for specific professional certifications. By offering multiple options for earning credit, working adults have greater flexibility and can earn a degree without having to attend a traditional class. Although this meets the needs for many types of students, nurses have especially benefited from an online option for pursuing ADN or BSN degrees.

    Numerous publishing companies have study materials that map to Excelsior College exams, particularly as associated with the nursing degrees. As in any industry, not all products offer the same value nor are all companies equally concerned with the needs of the students. Recognizing that some students would choose to obtain materials from outside vendors, Excelsior developed guidelines to aid students making that choice. The "Best Practices for Test Preparation Providers" is that guideline.

    iStudySmart.com is honored to become the first company recognized for meeting these standards.

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