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  • Testing out of Courses is a Good Thing

    According to a 2009-2010 US Census press release, 19 million students are pursuing a college degree, with 36 percent attending school part-time. For the part-time student, testing out of courses and completing college credit by examination is a great alternative. As someone who tested out of general education subjects while in college, I appreciate the option of completing college credit by examination since it allowed me to focus on my core classes for my degree.

    Of course, having the “college experience” is important, too. But for students who have work, family and personal obligations or for military students serving our country, having the choice to test out of classes is especially appealing. It allows for more flexibility and the opportunity to get a head start on their degree and their potential professional career. 

    iStudySmart.com offers over 60 courses to assist students in completing college credit by examination through CLEP, DSST (formerly known as DANTES) and ECE exams. From business to nursing to English and other general education courses, iStudySmart.com’s wide variety of courses helps students work toward their academic and professional goals.

    Testing out of college classes shouldn’t be seen as a way of “rushing” through college. Instead, it offers an alternative to the non-traditional student with other responsibilities looking to earn their college degree and venture into their desired career field.

    *Source: 2009-2010 US Census Press Release –

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  • Online Learning Reaches Beyond the Traditional Classroom

    How often do you use the internet? Think of the different ways you log into the fast-paced, virtual realm. Whether you're checking your email, reading up on the latest news story, or comparing the benefits of an iPhone to a Blackberry, the internet offers a vast amount of information at your fingertips.

    One of the internet's most intriguing characteristics is its global convenience. No matter where you are or what time zone you're in, the internet allows access to its information network at anytime. This is especially appealing to the online student who seeks to receive education outside the traditional classroom setting.

    Online education removes the geographic limitations and boundaries of brick-and-mortar buildings and allows students from all over the world to learn. Those in the military, for example, are able to earn a degree while serving their country.

    Military.com talks about the benefits of online education, mentioning "thousands of duty standing, single parents, and even deployed members earn their college degrees each year using online education."

    The e-learning world allows students the opportunity to access academic support from all experience levels and geographic locations. Through message boards, discussion forums, and online chats, e-learners are exposed to diverse perspectives from both faculty members and their fellow students across the world.

    Online education provides the opportunity to connect with others globally with convenience and ease. If you're considering e-learning, don't think you will "lose" anything from stepping away from the traditional classroom. Think of what you'll gain and how online education can best benefit you.

    Source: Military.com, The Online Option.


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  • Earning College Credit without Going to the Classroom

    By: Sue Perkins

    In 2007 alone, DSST/DANTES and ECE administered over 124,000 exams worth college credit in the U.S. Add that to CLEP, and you will see that about ¼ million students earn credit-by-exam each year. That means that over 1 million semester hours of college credit are earned by examination at over 3,800 colleges and universities around the country annually.

    What is credit by exam? There are three major testing options in the U.S.-DSST/DANTES, CLEP (College Level Examination Program), and Excelsior College Exams (ECE). Credit-by-exam is about 50-80% less than the regular cost of college tuition. You learn everything you need to pass the exam at home on-line or through a workbook and then go out to a local test site once to have an examination administered to you. It is like taking the final exam in a course without having ever taken the college course.

    So how do you pass the final examination if you never went to the classroom? iStudySmart.com (ISS) has guaranteed study materials. You enjoy the benefit of learning everything that would be taught in the college course, but you learn in your own home at your own pace.

    iStudySmart.com has assignments, sample exams, and a PaceYourself calendar to help you with the course. You simply purchase an ISS course,choose on-line courses a compact disk or workbook and then buy an accompanying textbook (just like a traditional college course), learn the material, and go to your local test site to have the examination administered.

    How many colleges accept credit-by-exam? There are over 3,800 colleges that accept from 15 to 60 credits by examination. Some fully accredited, distance learning colleges even let you earn your entire associate or bachelor's degree by examination.

    Since 1986, ISS has been helping students earn credit-by-exam. Many home school students test out of freshmen level courses and enter college as sophomores.

    iStudySmart.com is the only company that is endorsed or recognized by not just one, but two of the three major testing companies-DSST/DANTES and ECE.

    You can be one of the ¼ million students in the U.S. who earn college credit by proficiency exam each year. Log onto www.iStudySmart.com or call 1-800-737-2222 for more information about how to prepare for these exams.

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