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  • Course Upgrades are Worry Free with DSST

    Ready for college credit?  Want to do a quick prep to see if you already know enough to test out for college credit?  DSST Official Test Preparation Guide is perfect for you.  With this test preparation guide, you’ll get the preparation you need on 10 DSST subjects and will move closer to earning a degree or furthering your career.


    The prep guide includes:

    • DSST Study Tips on the 10 Titles Listed Below
    • Guide to Earning Credit with DSST
    • DSST Content Outlines
    • Practice Exams with Rationales


    The extra credits you earn by taking DSST exams will free you up to focus your time and energy on the courses you want to take. Currently, there are over 2,000 colleges and universities that recognize the DSST program and award college credit for passing scores.


    The full prep guide covers 10 subject titles that mirror content on the DSST exams.

    • Introduction to World Religions
    • Here’s to Your Health
    • Principles of Statistics
    • Criminal Justice
    • Personal Finance
    • Management Information Systems
    • Ethics in America
    • Principles of Supervision
    • Introduction to Business
    • Principles of Finance


    You can choose a printed book or an eBook with all 10 of the subjects listed above, or you can choose a single subject eBook. 


    Learn more about the DSST Official Test Preparation Guide


    iStudySmart.com has a great upgrade offer. If you decide to upgrade from a DSST Test Prep Guide to an iStudySmart.com Traditional course, you will receive the product purchase price as a discount toward the upgrade. Call for full details 800-737-2222. The upgrade cannot be combined with any other offer.


    Please note: The DSST Test Preparation Guides are NOT an in-depth iStudySmart.com course. The guides are an overview of what's on the test and they help you decide if you're prepared to take the DSST exam for college credit.  If you need more than an overview, the iStudySmart.com Traditional courses are a better choice for you.

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  • Education Discounts From Our Partner - Members get them Free!

    Our partner, The National Education Alliance, is always looking for new ways to reach adult learners and further their education options and benefits. In keeping with their passion for education, the National Education Alliance gave away 5 free iStudySmart.com courses at a recent education fair. The education fair was hosted by the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and was open to HSN’s 2000 employees of their St. Petersburg, FL location. As iStudySmart.com is an education partner with the National Education Alliance, their members receive discounts on iStudySmart.com courses and SmartClub memberships. As an iStudySmart.com member or registrant, you are eligible for a free membership with the National Education Alliance, a $95 value. You can visit their website at www.NationalEducationAlliance.com to browse their other useful education benefits and use the coupon code iSSsave for your free membership when signing up.

    From National Education Alliance’s website:

    “The National Education Alliance member benefits help adult learners to significantly reduce the time it takes to get a degree, gain certifications, complete college credit at home, and even pass the GED exam while also reducing educational costs.

    The discounts on college tuition, educational products and services are designed to fit the needs of every type of learner.

    To bring these savings directly to you, dynamic partnerships are created with universities, associations and private providers that meet the National Education Alliance Best Practices Standards.”

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  • Education Options to Fit Into Your Budget

    iStudySmart.com was envisioned with flexibility in mind. You choose from over 60 courses to prepare for CLEP, DSST (formerly DANTES) and Excelsior College Exams, you choose when you study, where you study, and when you test. Flexibility is key, and our customers really enjoy being able to pick and choose the college courses they want to test out of. For those looking to test out of just one college course they are missing, choosing the single-course option is the best idea. However, did you know iStudySmart.com also offers long-term options for learners that want to take more than one course? The best part is there’s an education option for every budget!

    • SmartSubscription

    Access one online Traditional Course per month with an $89 monthly subscription


    • SmartClub

    1 year access to 14 online Traditional Courses for $740 or 2 year access to unlimited online Traditional courses for $990


    • Premier Bundle

    Bundle Premier self-paced online courses into easy monthly payments


    For details on SmartSubscription and SmartClub click here.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to bundle our Premier courses, give us a call at 800-737-2222. Whether you only need one college course or you want to test out of entire semesters, iStudySmart.com has the right options to fit every need and budget. If you’re ready to test out of DSST, ECE, and CLEP college course, iStudySmart.com has many ways to help you start.

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  • iStudySmart.com Announces Access to Online College Courses for Only $89 per Month – No Hidden Charges or Fees!

    iStudySmart.com brings college courses to students with their $89 per month SmartSubscription. This has been available only to military and select customers for $99.95 per month. Beginning this December, SmartSubscription is available to everyone and now at an even more affordable price. With your subscription the 58 iStudySmart.com online traditional college courses are available and you can access one course per month with no contracts and no hidden course charges.

    iStudySmart.com wants to bring a simple, affordable way for families and students of all ages to earn college credit. iStudySmart.com wants to let everyone know that if the cost of attending college is the only thing holding them back, there’s now a way that works. Career choices and college degrees don’t have to be put on hold anymore. SmartSubcription makes earning college credit in Business, Nursing, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Science easy and affordable.

    Designed as a monthly subscription purchasing option, the SmartSubscription allows you to get immediate access to one online traditional course per month for the low monthly subscription of $89. You can keep the same course for more than a month. When you’re ready to switch, you simply call or email your request.  This innovative payment option lets you get started now, at a fraction of the cost of traditional college classes.  To get started, visit iStudySmart.com and learn more about iStudySmart.com’s courses and details. You can discontinue your subscription anytime and there is no long term commitment.

    About iStudySmart.com

    iStudySmart.com was designed to help students and adult learners complete college credit faster, more affordably, and smarter. iStudySmart.com’s in-depth study courses focus around “testing out” of college courses or credit-by-exam. These exams include CLEP, DSST, and ECE exams accepted by over 3,800 colleges and universities. Study when you want, make your own schedule, and test when you’re ready. Whether you're a student wanting to save money and graduate sooner, or an adult learner trying to find the time to complete your degree, our courses will help you save on tuition and time till your degree.






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  • Want College Credit With One Exam?

    Have you heard of DSST? These are college equivalency exams that were developed to award students college credit for knowledge they can demonstrate is equal to that taught in a college course. Translation: there’s no need to re-take a course if you already know the material. Schools vary on both their acceptance of DSST course credit awarded and on their standards for passing scores on these exams. It’s always a good idea to check with your school to see what their policy is as you might be able to study and earn college credit by taking just one exam for that course. It’s easy to see how testing out of college courses can save time, money, stress from a course you don’t like, and get you one step closer to graduation!

    iStudySmart.com is officially endorsed by DSST as being a leader in DSST test preparation. iStudySmart.com not only provides the study material necessary to gain the knowledge for each DSST course exam, but also provides practice exams in most subjects for eager students to test their knowledge before exam day. Students can start preparing and taking DSST exams as early as high school and start earning college credit in their free time. College students will also appreciate only having to pass one exam instead of attending semester long classes and studying for numerous exams throughout the course. Parents will enjoy savings in tuition cost when their high school and college-bound students have already finished a semester or even years’ worth of college classes by testing out with DSST.

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  • This Month Only: Receive a FREE National Education Alliance Membership



    As a valued member of the learning community, the National Education Alliance would like to offer you a FREE one year membership.  You are, of course, under no obligation to continue membership after the first year.  In fact, we won't even ask for payment information to sign you up for your first free year of membership. It's that easy!


    The National Education Alliance welcomes anyone interested in pursuing their education as members.  Adult learners join the National Education Alliance to take advantages of the various products and discounts offered to them by our Corporate Members. The opportunity to get the first year free is only open to a select group of adult learners.  The value of the free one year membership is $95.


    As a member of the National Education Alliance you are eligible to receive:

    • Tuition discounts from prominent universities, colleges, and education service providers
    • Grants and scholarships sponsored by the National Education Alliance and its affiliates
    • Access to innovative educational programs that meet the needs of working adults
    • Exclusive counseling services through the National Education Alliance Counseling Center

    Register with iStudySmart.com and receive a coupon code for your free one year membership.






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  • Start Your New Year Off Right by Completing College Credit

    The start of a new year is always a great time to make a goal and stick to reaching that goal. This year, resolve to complete college credit and earn your degree with the help of iStudySmart.com study materials. With over 60 study courses in nursing, business, humanities, natural science and social science, iStudySmart.com can help you to complete college credit and pass DSST, CLEP and ECE exams.


    To help you get a jumpstart on your educational goals, get 2009 prices in January 2011 for courses and SmartClub! Don’t let another year slip away. Get started toward completing college credit today.


    2009 Prices on Courses
    Use Coupon Code: 96CFNFS
    Savings valid through January 31, 2011.


    2009 Prices on SmartClub
    Use Coupon Code: LH23URH
    Savings valid through January 31, 2011.

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  • Receive $100 Off National Education Alliance Counseling Centers’ Transcript Evaluation Service

    As a special holiday gift, the National Education Alliance Counseling Center (NEACC) is giving adult learners National Education Alliance member pricing on its college counseling transcript evaluation service. That's a savings of $100! The offer is available through December 31, 2010. iStudySmart.com, a provider for the National Education Alliance, encourages adult learners to take advantage of this special opportunity.


    What is the National Education Alliance Counseling Center?

    • Searchable database of over 380 colleges' degree programs
    • Matches your previous college credit  and work/life experience by degree program
    • Search results are ranked to maximize allowable transfer credit, helping you to find the shortest path to completing your degree
    • Provides cost comparison of many colleges and degree options in one centralized location
    • Avoid individual transcript evaluation fees (ranging between $75-100 for each college)

    For more information, visit the NEACC website.


    As an additional gift, the National Education Alliance is providing adult learners with a FREE One Year Individual Membership. Don’t miss out - the deadline to register is December 31, 2010. 


    Visit the links below for registration information:

    ·         NEACC Registration

    ·         NEA Free One Year Membership Registration

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  • Congratulations to Martha -- Winner of the Summer Giveaway Contest!

    What would you do if someone called and told you that you won an Apple iPod Touch?


    You might wonder what the catch is, right? That’s what Martha Porta from Annandale, VA thought when an iStudySmart.com Educational Consultant called her to let her know she won an Apple iPod Touch for entering the Summer Giveaway.


    After explaining to Martha that there was no catch, she was excited to hear she won! Martha entered the contest by purchasing Foundations of Gerontology, Management and Leadership in Nursing and Research in Nursing. Congratulations, Martha and we hope you enjoy your prize!


    Thank you to all who entered – we really appreciate it!

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  • SUMMER GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Apple iPod Touch!

    Don’t let the Summer Slip Away Without Entering!

    Our goal at iStudySmart.com is to give you distance learning options that save you time, save you money, and help you advance your career. This summer we’re going to help one of you take some fun technology with you wherever you go! Use your new iPod Touch to listen to music, watch videos, play games, surf the web, or maybe some of each. Don’t let the summer slip away without entering! There are 2 easy ways to enter.

    How to Enter?*

    1. Send Us Your Success Story for 1 Entry
      • Go to the Success Story page and click the “Add Your Success Story” Link
    2. Make a Purchase from iStudySmart.com for 1 Entry
      • By making a purchase between 6/1 and 7/31 you are automatically entered
    3. Refer a Friend or Coworker for 1 Entry
      • Send your referral via email – you get one entry for EVERY new qualified person you refer!
    4. Make a SmartClub Purchase for a DOUBLE Entry
      • By making a SmartClub purchase between 6/1 and 7/31 you automatically get a double entry Enter to Win TODAY!

    About the Apple iPod Touch**

    • 8GB capacity
    • iPod touch 3.1 software
    • Multi-Touch touch screen interface
    • Brilliant 3.5-inch widescreen display
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Download apps
    • Listen to music
    • Watch movies, videos, and TV shows
    • Surf the web
    • View email, and more

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