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Has Your Career Outgrown Your Resume?

When you consider the factors which make people successful in their careers, the capacity to represent your value is nearly as important as the creation of that value in the first place. This is particularly true if you are building your career in the healthcare, academia or other technical profession where your competency indicators are quite often valued as much by their weight in pounds as their weight in importance.

The term “portfolio” typically refers to an assembly of your best stuff.

Your financial portfolio is collection of carefully selected investment vehicles which are designed to best define your financial value. When it comes to your career, a portfolio can be used to represent a selection of elements which best define your professional value, your overall competency. An artist, designer or photographer creates a binder they show to new clients or hiring managers as a representation of their craft. This is pretty straight forward for professions where the aesthetic value of your work is what defines you. When it comes to a field such as nursing however, the competency picture is a little more difficult to capture and express.

Here, you are dealing with a lot of continuing education courses which need to be completed for compliance or for advancement. You have your professional license and healthcare certifications which must be kept up to date and presented to those who ask. You also have the checklists which were completed by your preceptors, or evaluations written by your managers which can both weigh heavily when illustrating how well you demonstrate your skills in practice. All this, even before you consider your experience, degrees and other items found in a traditional resume. Before long, the static resume you keep in Microsoft Word is no match for all of the competency indicators you have worked so hard to acquire. Why sell yourself short?

The good news is that with the development of cloud computing, along with the ever increasing number of devices available to connect you, there is no better time to leave your Word file behind. Decision Critical has been a software as a service (SaaS) provider since 1999 and has become a leader in the healthcare space for competency management tools, including the online portfolio. The full suite of tools help institutions to pull together course transcripts, evaluations, completed checklists, resumes, reflections and more on their people. This can all be used to gain a complete competency picture of their staff and to deliver compliance reporting.

Individual nurses have access to a powerful online application which lets them capture and store their entire life’s body of work, much of which can even be auto-populated. When it comes time to show their wares, they can easily select the key indicators they want to include in a custom view and send it to the audience of their choosing. The nurse owns all of their information which can be taken when they graduate from school or move up the ladder over the span of their career. It has never been easier to show the world what you have to offer.

Learn more about how portfolios can help you your career at the Decision Critical web site.

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