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RN Dies After Saving Coach with CPR - Help Needed!

Eileen Bowden, RN, School Nurse for Santa Clara School District, died shortly after the softball coach she ultimately saved with CPR was rushed to the hospital. Eileen was an inspiration to the profession and to what is good in our society. Eileen was a single parent and leaves behind an 11 year old adopted daughter. To learn more about Eileen please visit



The Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship has been established through the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association. This scholarship will support nursing students as they strive to as they make the personal sacrifices required to emulate professional excellence exemplified by Eileen.


To support this effort, I will be running the San Francisco Half Marathon for the second year in a row on July 25th to raise funds to endow The Eileen Bowden Memorial Scholarship. Please visit my website at http://charity.decisioncritical.com and make a donation to support the future of Nursing. We all need nurses like Eileen.


Thank you for your support,

Kenneth W. Dion, RN, MSN, MBA

Founder & CEO

Decision Critical, Inc


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