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January 8, 2002

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iStudySmart.com Courses

Our courses cost only $99 to $209 each. While every college treats scores differently, most courses are worth between three to six hours of college credit. You can choose from over 50 courses. You will pass the exams because of the following areas developed for you:

Online courses can be accessed from any computer with Internet capabilities. Simply, log on to your iStudySmart.com homepage and your course(s) will be ready for you. Online courses come with assignment questions and computer-graded practice exams. Study at your convenience; anytime or place. Offline courses are in workbook formats. Your workbook will be shipped to you within 24 hours when purchased during regular business hours. Offline courses come with assignment questions and practice exams. Study at your convenience; anytime or place.

Each assignment is a key question that you must learn. To save you time, we've noted the reference pages within the required textbook where the answer is located. Simply go to the pages, read the related section and key your answer in the box provided. Remember, you are learning a semester's worth of information. Follow our proven plan and you will pass. Take short cuts and you are on your own.

Sample Exam
The sample exam is a multiple-choice exam designed to simulate the Credit By Examination you’ll be taking. The exam is scored for you. You can review questions you missed so you’ll know what weak areas you need to focus on. You can also reset the exam so that you can take it as many times as you wish.

Study Calendar
The study calendar allows you to set milestones so that you can stay disciplined in your preparation. It can be configured to send you email reminders to make sure you’re staying on track as well as remind you when the next testing date occurs.

All courses require the use of textbooks. You may purchase textbooks from iStudySmart.com or from a local bookstore. It's certainly easier to buy from us, but if you choose to get your textbooks from another store, make sure you purchase the exact textbook edition.

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