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December 10, 2016

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Credit By Examination

Credit by examination programs enable you to apply your knowledge toward college credit at participating colleges.

Earning credit by examination works like this: you study college level material and take a final exam, if you pass the exam - you get college credit!

Our study courses prepare you to take exams that are recognized nationally by more than 3800 colleges and universities. Many colleges allow you to earn part of your required credits through credit by examination. Some colleges allow you to earn your entire degree that way! It's easy to get started!
  • Earn college credit for what you already know!
    It doesn't matter how or where you learned a subject, as long as you can pass the exam. If you're not sure you are ready to pass, courses guide you through a subject and guarantee your passing score!

  • Save Money!
    Our courses can be less expensive than enrolling in traditional classes!

  • Graduate Faster!
    Study at your own pace to "test out" of the required coursework you need to earn an associate or bachelor degree.
Note: Each school has their own policy about which tests are accepted and how much credit is allowed to be earned by examination.

There are three main Credit by Examination programs. Click on the links below to see the courses we have for their tests.

CLEP courses DSST courses. DSST exams are used by DANTES. ECE courses

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