Important Changes for Excelsior ADN students in CaliforniaSave More thru June 15th
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June 14, 2004
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Courses start at only $129. Even with textbooks and testing fees (both required), our prices are 20% to 40% lower than campus tuition and our competitors. Click here to see a cost comparison.

Courses are available via the internet, on CD-Rom, and in printed workbooks. Study in your pajamas, we don't mind.

Whether you're studying nursing at Excelsior College or studying business at your local school, we'll be there to help you pass the test.

Every course is packed with the tools you need to pass your test. You'll receive:

  1. Educational Consultants
    Call us anytime you have a question or problem. Our customer support is the best in business. 1-800-737-2222.

  2. Tons of Study Assignments
    Anything that could be on the test is covered in these assignments. We’ll give you some thought-stimulating questions and then help you find the right answer in your textbook. We promise that if you follow our lead, you’ll pass the test.

  3. Sample Exams
    This self-evaluation helps you decide if you're ready for the final exam.

  4. Textbooks
    Every course requires the use of a college level textbook. We’ll even give you a great price on these.

  5. Forums
    You’ll get access to our study forums where you can ask questions of fellow students…or form a study group!


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