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December 10, 2016

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DSST Preactice tests
DSST Bookstore Demo Course

So, you want to 'try before you buy'. That's wonderful! We've developed this demonstration to help our customers not only understand how our courses work, but to show you how confident we are that our materials will help you reach your educational goals. In each chapter, you'll be shown every nook and cranny of our courses from buying your course to taking your sample exam.

Before getting started, we need to clear up any confusion there might be concerning textbooks. The 101 demo textbook has been written for demonstration purposes only. The actual courses from require authentic textbooks. We have tried to make this demonstration as real and hassle-free as possible. Would it be hassle-free for you to wait for a textbook to be shipped to your house so you can use this demonstration? We didn't think so...

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