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Chapter One: Getting your course
Where do I purchase a course?
What do I need to start my course?
How do I access my course?

Chapter Two: Your course entry page
Special Instructions
Sample Exam
Reset Exam
Exam Summary
About this course
Textbook(s) you need
Pace Yourself
Acrobat Reader

Chapter Three: Time to click on assignments
Answering the question
When and how to use the appendices
How to save your answer
Skipping questions
Answering skipped questions
What the 'Previous' & 'Next' features do
The 'Course Forum' link
When and how to print questions and answers
Going to a question number or searching by Keywords
The 'View Illustration' link
How many questions are there?

Chapter Four: Time to check out the Sample Exams
Why multiple choice?
'Find the answer' and 'Appendix'
Results of your exam
Number Answered
Number Answered Correctly
Number Answered Incorrectly
Number Skipped
Percentage Correct

Chapter Five
FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Support for Technical Difficulties

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