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Can I use courses for college credit at my local college?
Probably. Most colleges accept Credit By Examinations (CLEP, DANTES/DSST, and ECE) as college credit when you enroll at the university. Each college has different requirements on the number of credits accepted and the specific Credit By Examinations they will allow. The best way of finding out if your college accepts Credit By Examinations is to contact the Admissions department or refer to their college catalog.

Who evaluates my transcripts?
If you are interested in a nursing degree from Excelsior College, has developed a self-evaluation tool. All you have to do is enter in the credit hours you have earned and we'll give you the number of courses you'll need to complete the nursing degree. Simply register (FREE) with and then you'll have access to the self-evaluation.

If you are earning a degree from another college, you should contact their Admissions department or research the college catalog to determine which CLEP, DANTES/DSST, or ECE they accept.

How does differ from colleges?
Colleges offer courses in a classroom setting or require you to be online at a specific time, in most cases. Our online courses simply prepare you for Credit By Examinations that are equivalent to college credit. Over 2900 universities deem Credit By Examinations as an acceptable means of earning college credit.

How do you convert quarter hour credits to semester hour credits?
1 quarter = 2/3 semester
2 quarter = 1 1/3 semester
3 quarter = 2 semester
4 quarter = 2 2/3 semester
5 quarter = 3 1/3 semester
6 quarter = 4 semester
8 quarter = 5 1/3 semester

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