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Can I communicate with other people about the courses?
Absolutely. We have developed forums to give you the ability to post questions to our community of people who are using the online courses. Naturally, once you are comfortable with our courses and the testing process, we do encourage you to offer your knowledge to others in the forums.

Why should I take an course?
Our online courses prepare you to earn college credit or help you acquire knowledge for personal or professional development. Regardless of your position in life, if you desire to learn, our courses are for you.

Do you require contracts or a minimum number of courses to be purchased?
No. Nope. No way!!!

Besides the courses, what other costs are involved?
Good question. With each course you will need to purchase a textbook(s). If you decide to pursue a degree, you'll have testing fees and college fees. However, all of these costs combined are, in most cases, less expensive than the traditional expenses for a college degree.

Can financial aid be applied toward these courses?
Federal loans or grants cannot be used for courses. If your employer offers tuition reimbursement, you should check with your employer to see if our materials would be included.

How can I pay for the online courses?
  1. The easiest method of payment is to use a major credit card. uses a secure server where your credit card information is encrypted and completely safe.

  2. We also accept money orders. Detailed instructions are available when you 'add to cart' the courses you want to purchase.
What is your refund policy?
Our courses are guaranteed for 90 days. This gives you time to complete the course, take the exam and get your results back. Our 17 years of experience and confidence makes this money-back guarantee easy to offer.

If you fail an exam, fax or mail us your test score and we'll give you your money back for the study course. We must have your results within 90 days from the day you purchased the course for the guarantee to apply. All offline workbooks must be accompanied with your mailed test score. (The guarantee does NOT cover textbook sales, corporate site licenses or anyone using SmartClub.)

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